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Mew The Gato
Last Activity:
Mar 7, 2018
Mar 28, 2013
Likes Received:
Dec 1, 1914 (Age: 105)

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Mew The Gato

___________, 105

Mew The Gato was last seen:
Mar 7, 2018
    1. Trickster Zorua
      Trickster Zorua
      Believe me, you must watch a walkthrough of it, it's epic! :D

      ???: Exactly, yours do! So, shall we go? He's probaly calm about it. Oh, don't you really want to burn the poems? Or just hide it somewhere?
      Me: But...am I good? Do I have good things?
    2. Lt. BLEU™
      Lt. BLEU™
      We need to do that.

      My grammar was bad as well, but I worked a little harder to make sure I use proper grammar and got nearly a notch better.
    3. Lt. BLEU™
      Lt. BLEU™
      Yes yes, every single move :D

      Ehh, I need a reason to make a comeback!
      And maybe I'm planning to be revived at some other place like dream world or something :)
    4. Lt. BLEU™
      Lt. BLEU™
      Swampurtz last post was 194 words without the brackets >.<

      His grammar is a dead rubber.
    5. Trickster Zorua
      Trickster Zorua
      Just epic! xD Or that monsters spawn more!
      My favourite theme is Franky's theme, so catchy!

      ???: Your movements tells something different. *chuckles*
      Me: I see...I'm probably terrible, right?
    6. Lt. BLEU™
      Lt. BLEU™
      Just Kinda motivation for my pokemons you see. :D

      Yeah gotta be checkin' that as well :)
    7. Cassafrass1999
      THANK YOU! You are a lifesaver... <3 :3

      Alright, that is fine... but, erm, we are supposed to put stats up? That seems a little confusing.... but I don't know. :/
    8. Swampurtz
      Hey Mew

      When Darkness gets going a bit more ill be posting it on fanfic but i need acceptance of it from everyone so yeah
    9. RzK
      My avatar? Comment on the pose etc. please?
    10. T-Bolt
      can we please have a war with assassins alliance this week?
    11. Trickster Zorua
      Trickster Zorua
      Ah okay.

      Really? SPOOOOILERS. xD Jk. ;P Btw, did you knew the game could sense if it was a bootleg orso?

      ???: Come on, *chuckles* be honest! I won't tell it to him.
      Me: But what if you were Gatomon, what would your answer be?
    12. Lt. BLEU™
      Lt. BLEU™
      Nah...It's better I set up some defence and watch out for a perticular move I'm waiting for ;)
    13. Lt. BLEU™
      Lt. BLEU™
      Ahh......So I can use certain moves 2 times certain 1 time etc??

      I see....He did not say how much health you have left this time.
      Also Rest restores energy not the health right?
    14. Lt. BLEU™
      Lt. BLEU™
      Ohh well you said I can not use more protect now....

      Also how do I know how much health your pokemon has left?
    15. Lt. BLEU™
      Lt. BLEU™
      Ohh well I am confused about a few thing.
      A single attack can be used only 2 times is it?
    16. Lt. BLEU™
      Lt. BLEU™
      Thank you ;)

      No but just stand up and "OH YEAH, I'M ALIVE" ??
      I need some reason to come back.
      I am not gonna take is as mokato reviving me....But me getting my life back

      Like the movie "Wah, Life Ho Toh Aisi" :D
    17. Lt. BLEU™
      Lt. BLEU™
      Phew, thank God I can.
      Also make a move such that I can make a comeback in the RPG
    18. Lt. BLEU™
      Lt. BLEU™
      Eh...the whole turn??
      Can't I edit my post now?
      I seem to have missed it or something then.
    19. Shymain
      No, it is telling him not to attack.
    20. Cassafrass1999
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    Dec 1, 1914 (Age: 105)
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