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  • Probably be close to what typhlosion is. Decent speed + sp.atk with 1 nice move or something.
    Water types are quite bulky naturally.

    If you're online later then battle me. Was busy yesterday sorry. Bakphoon assures me your modesty goes away if you win?
    I think it will probably just end up in NU/RU at the most unless it has super awesome stats.

    Would you fight me now?
    It has more holes than your average swiss cheese.
    And the thing is, that mice will start to see you as such, kind of rock bottom for a cat, wouldn't you agree?

    You just have to use puns and double meaning words, there's probably a term for that, but whatever...

    Oh, and I have a few suggestions on how to patch it, here's a sewing kit and some cloth, or some good old boards and nails.

    Oh, and the update will take a very long time to download because I sabotaged the internet cables, and will exploit it to it's fullest up until the update hits.
    I found a way to exploit the system.
    *Shakes you holding by your tail until rare candies, assorted TMs, choice items and the like start falling out*
    Bakphoon says you are an amazing battler and you could defeat us both. Is this true?
    (Competitive not asb)
    Tell me about your future predictions for the evolutions of your avatar? What do you think its typing will be? Good in competitive?

    Do you think it will have merit in asb?
    Well you could be for all I know....(If you know how to procreate that is)

    So post long posts filled with lots of information? I don't know really what I could post.
    At first XD

    It's like the washing up. I say I'll do it later but then it rolls over and over until I finally have enough and say I'm doing it now. This is what I suggest to you.

    So I should write long spam filled messages in future?
    Much fun in that...

    Hold on while I go find a Lamia or whatever the creature that can do that is called...

    It does not, you brainwashed it, you monster...

    *It yawns and you fall asleep*
    And so you risk some scavenger finding the hopes and dreams before you do!

    But he will oppose you and whatever cat-schemes you come up with!

    So finally I got a Spelunky run which didn't end in the most random way, this was worse, the shortcut to the exit requiring a bomb which I did not have and the default path having more traps condensed into one point than Purity Forest, I was so close to getting 8 saves, oh well...
    I mean really, Nintendo stuff is notorious for being hard to get and/or out of stock because not enough is made.

    *Drops it*

    You like Rotom, that means I win!

    *A sleeping dragon blocks the way*

    No, he's with the water types, and against all cats!
    (I keep misreading procrastinate as procreation lol)

    You got yourself into this mess, procrastinating will not make things any easier.

    You're like Rzk. Procrastinates when it comes to answering long messages.
    If you have nothing to say then change the subject. You can't leave people waiting otherwise you end up in an even deeper hole. :p
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