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  • Yes yes, every single move :D

    Ehh, I need a reason to make a comeback!
    And maybe I'm planning to be revived at some other place like dream world or something :)
    Just epic! xD Or that monsters spawn more!
    My favourite theme is Franky's theme, so catchy!

    ???: Your movements tells something different. *chuckles*
    Me: I see...I'm probably terrible, right?
    THANK YOU! You are a lifesaver... <3 :3

    Alright, that is fine... but, erm, we are supposed to put stats up? That seems a little confusing.... but I don't know. :/
    Hey Mew

    When Darkness gets going a bit more ill be posting it on fanfic but i need acceptance of it from everyone so yeah
    Ah okay.

    Really? SPOOOOILERS. xD Jk. ;P Btw, did you knew the game could sense if it was a bootleg orso?

    ???: Come on, *chuckles* be honest! I won't tell it to him.
    Me: But what if you were Gatomon, what would your answer be?
    Ahh......So I can use certain moves 2 times certain 1 time etc??

    I see....He did not say how much health you have left this time.
    Also Rest restores energy not the health right?
    Ohh well you said I can not use more protect now....

    Also how do I know how much health your pokemon has left?
    Thank you ;)

    No but just stand up and "OH YEAH, I'M ALIVE" ??
    I need some reason to come back.
    I am not gonna take is as mokato reviving me....But me getting my life back

    Like the movie "Wah, Life Ho Toh Aisi" :D
    Ah, I guess lol... XD

    And thanks so much! I want this link: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?613427-Destiny-Bonds

    And this button:
    Ah okay.

    Cool, I have EarthBound, and to be honest, it's a good game, but really dark. o_o

    ???: Why not? I bet you miss him a bit!
    Me: I see...if you were Gatomon, what would your answer be? Please be honest!
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