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    Asked some of the other anime mods, apprantly there are no exceptions when it comes to Next Pokemon/Capture/Evolution threads. All discussion goes into Next Pokemon Thread. This is because of all the spam we had a few years ago that went out of control. Thanks for your polite message though, it was appreciated after all the moaning I receive about closed threads.
    "Oh really? That makes things more fun. Maybe the two will beat the living sh*t out of Dawn. HELPING HAND B*TCH! "

    I LOLed XD
    Yeah I'm sorry for holding up the group, but I was still trying to think of something to do. I was planning on evolving and beefing up my Magmar for this adventure, but all my coins would be gone. So I was waiting to see if they were going to have another Casino event thing for St Patties day, but I'll have it up by the end of the week (Friday). :<
    True enough. ;o I do enjoy the larger variety in moves, though.

    ...Even though Flaaaaaffy doesn't have much to choose from, because I'm greedy when it comes to candies.
    Poor Aron, though, being like... level 11 while Flaaffy and Iggy are like... 33 and 50? :C I suppose I still have time to switch Aron with something else before the battles begin, but like, I hardly use Aron.
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