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Mar 15, 2019
May 13, 2010
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..., from Wales, United Kingdom

Mew~ was last seen:
Mar 15, 2019
    1. Vernikova
      lol I saw the commercial for the new Pokémon movie they're airing tonight on Cartoon Network. They changed Pikachu's Thunder Bolt attack into a CGI yellow beam that shakes. It looks terrible. They should just stop with CGI. They suck at it and it clashes terribly against the already crappy animation.
    2. Vernikova
      Ha, I knew I couldn't be that dumb. I couldn't stand either or those two songs and I will not be giving this artist the time of day. I dislike her voice and I couldn't understand what she was saying (mainly because I was half-listening because I didn't like the beat).

      Yes, it does get awkward when that happens. Thankfully that doesn't happen to me because I'm different or something. You should make the thread anyway just to see what happens ad to see who still cares.~ Who ignored you? As a response to that person, you should do something mean to them. I was never a troll. :3 If I was I would've just merged every thread together, deleted it, and called it a day. :D Still, I never see any of the stuff you tell me about. :O
    3. Vernikova
      omg you called me Rebecca instead of "Vernikova".~ :D I didn't know what a CD was? I said that? That must've been a lie then. Anyway, I don't know who Rebecca Ferguson is so recommend me some songs.

      Oh? And why is that? I feel the same way but I don't usually tell people that to give the appearance that actually care for a conversation seemingly more legitimate. And it makes me look less like a robot. I will check that out then. nananana I checked it out and was disappointed in the lack of a sarcastic response from anyone. I lol'd at the anime forum's activity. Make a thread about it and see what happens to try and get some ideas.
    4. Vernikova
      Hm, well I stopped watching again so it doesn't matter much anymore.

      How've you been Mew-mew?
    5. Vernikova
      I'm watching "A Venipede Stampede" right now. I'm having more fun making fun of the episode and pointing out the stupidity in it than I am watching it. X3

      omg wtf. Jenny looks like Butch. And wtf is up with that Paul look-alike? ***** is like ten-years-old and is bossing around people. wtf? I can't even comment on all of this. Why is Team Rocket getting a push after being so irrelevant for 15 years? wtf
    6. Vernikova
      I was a little surprised that Meowth was following them but it was obvious that she wasn't going to catch it. I didn't really like some of the voices in this episode though ranging from the vulture thing to the green-haired guy.

      I will not be seeing family. On Thanksgiving, I had a fight with my family so I probably will still be avoiding them at Christmas too so yeah. You convinced me to mustache myself.

      You had me at "Try".
    7. Vernikova
      Ohez. So today, I watched an episode of Black & White in the morning. The Meowth gets scrafty episode or something.

      Quitter. My mustache is luxurious.~ Nope. I will not be getting anything because I'm an adult and I will not be giving any presents because I'm me. :D

      I've never tried that.
    8. Vernikova
      I can put you down if you feel nostalgic though? :3

      Are you quitting then?

      I only like apple pie. I can't eat any other pie.
    9. Vernikova
      You mean me putting people down? I don't really enjoy talking to people like that anymore.
    10. Vernikova
      You're welcome. i discovered it after my friend convinced me to use Tumblr. At first i though "Ew this is so dumb" but then I got addicted to it. It's one of the few apps that I actually keep on my phone. Do you use Tumblr?

      Brain washing them with Water Gun attacks I assume. How is your mustache coming along?

      Oh. Then yes they do. I thought you were going to lead that question to a funny story so I held off there. Whoops. What's your favorite kind of pie? :x
    11. Vernikova
      I apologize for treating you as my messenger boy there. I wish to respect you and treat you more than some messenger boy. If I had known then I wouldn't have asked but I thank you for doing it since I miss her a whole lot. Just tell her to go on Serebii and I'll set up something with her from there please. Is there any way that I could thank you? Do you like cute things? This is Pusheen the cat. It is the most adorable thing on the web. You've probably heard about it before but just in case you didn't. :) It's adorable.

      Did you have a bad experience with them? Did they shoot a Water Gun attack in your face? Is that why you don't have a mustache? I've heard that they've been infamous for that. Tell me your story with Mudkip.

      Do they? :O
    12. Vernikova
      Hey, may I ask for a favor? So there's this member whose name is Kaori. At least that's what i remember it to be. I don't know if you guys are allowed to change your usernames or not but that's what she was called the last time I spoke to her. Anyway, can you tel her I said "hi". I know this must seem very weird and stuff but I hope it doesn't come out that way. :x I just miss her and stuff. All I ask is that you don't tell her that I'm on this site. I like to stay hidden away like some kind of squirrel or something similar is sneakiness. XD

      Speaking of squirrels, there's this black squirrel that bullies the brown squirrels in a park nearby. I don't rally know where to go from there but yeah. :O
    13. Vernikova
      Why do you think that?
    14. Vernikova
      I've already started.

      The colon's dots are the eyes and the degree sign is the clown's nose.
    15. Vernikova
      Those seem rather important. I don't see why they would be optional in the first place and I would certainly take the option. I think it's great that you're considering it and I hope you participate in it. You wouldn't get behind in your studies.

      I hope you reach your goal then. :) I remember you guys used to have contests but that's just faux-interest since they aren't going to stick around for the actual discussion topics and that seems to be the case here. I recall being a staff member but it was when Sinnoh was ending and during much of the Black & White speculation so I imagine that it was when it was active and stuff. Again though, I don't remember much and I don't wish to pretend I know what that forum is like since it's been months since I last saw it. XP

      Yes, I do. It's very twirly and stuff. I've also made a smiley face actually. :° ← This is a clown. Do you like it? I like it a lot.
    16. Vernikova
      Yes, someone once attempted to explain how the education system in England worked but they didn't do such a good job. I think you're supposed to take some exams and then some other stuff and things. Yeah, I really don't know how to explain it then again I don't need to understand it since I don't live there. In layman's terms though, what is the sixth form? Is it just an application to register for some type of examination so you can see where you will fall academically so colleges can have more information to select you?

      Iris is the black girl right? I don't like her design which is a reason why I don't watch along with the fact that they didn't use the female protagonist from the games this time around. I also don't like the design of the other guy who looks like a waiter. From what you describe, it sounds a lot like Kanto which isn't my favorite series. I actually like Hoenn and Sinnoh a lot more than Kanto since they're longer and that helps set up more things along the way. I'm not going to give it a try since I'm not into Pokémon like that anymore and the new design for Ash aren't appealing. If it makes a differences, there was a marathon for the first eight or so episodes a few months backs and I decided to give it a try but I stopped watching around the time of the first gym battle. I disliked the animation for the attacks and the Pokémon designs as well as the soundtrack. It honestly felt like a chore to watch it. I hope you end up enjoying a lot though.~

      Well, I hope you can improve your section then. That's a cute smiley. Does it have a mustache?
    17. Vernikova
      So you're going to apply to colleges at the end of the year? Apply to Exeter~. Well, I really hope that you do end up enjoying yourself. Thanks for answering the other questions. I know it seems that I should know the answers already but it's been a while so I forget. I've changed a lot over the year as a person and I don't mind tildes anymore so you can tildes away.~ XP

      I have Pokémon Platinum, most of the released DVDs, and two Pikachu dolls. I watch the Orange Islands episodes on television but I don't watch Black & White as I was never interested in it. Jorah says that Sinnoh is better so that gives me less incentive.

      That's good then. You should spend most of your internet time somewhere you feel comfortable. :) It's too bad that your section isn't doing to well. It probably reflects the quality of Black & White.~ I'm just kidding about that. XD Why is it that way?
    18. Vernikova
      It's a good thing your enjoying school so much though with all of the events you're listing it's not difficult to see why. So is this you last year of high school? Or is it that anyone an go to prom wherever you live? Do you live in America? Also, are you a boy or a girl? Or do you want to leave that ambiguous? Jorah told me that I used to think you were annoying, do you know why? You seem nice enough and not annoying at all. I'm sorry for all of the questions but I don't recall much from so I'd like to clear this up before I insult you in some kind of way.

      I joined in 2004 so I was around eleven. Then I forgot about this place since I fell out of Pokémon for a few years. I don't really remember anything from that long ago though since I was so young. I used a different e-mail apparently since I can't find it using that method. I would look through older posts but I feel comfortable starting over like this since it feels like a fresh start in a way.

      I enjoy this place very much. I don't mind not feeling part of a community and I prefer larger, looser communities. It's just that this place is active in my interest of entertainment (sports, music, television for example) so that's what really draws me here. I also feel comfortable knowing that I don't need to be the primary person to try to keep a section active so I don't feel obligated to be online as often and I don't need to stay online for very long. In my experience, the staff isn't strict. People usually say that the members who post here are "dicks" and "trolls" but if you stay here long enough you realize that the "dicks" and "trolls" aren't that bad and are actually quite friendly if you don't try to constantly be funny and post intelligently. I'm sorry for making this so long but I guess that's why I choose to stay here. There are people who don't feel comfortable here and prefer a smaller, tighter knit community I'm certain but I'm not that kind of person.
    19. Vernikova
      Yes, it has been a long time since we last spoke. I was quite worried that I was misremembering the name and that I've never spoken to you before. I'm relieved that I was wrong on that part. I don't really mind about talking about it but I doubt I remember much since it's been about a year since I was banned. At this point, I don't even remember why I was banned.

      I've been fine. I've graduated from high school begun college and I'm sailing right through. I've been living normal life really and have just been taking it easy. How have you been? Are you doing well in school?

      It's quite alright if you're not active here. I don't mind.
    20. Vernikova
      I'm trying to see how this will go.
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