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  • *There'll be world domination, complete obliteration of all who now defy me.
    Let the universe beware, good Pokémon beware: you fools shall not deny me...*

    (staring blankly before clearing throat) If oddities emerge, then Darren Dunstan's jaw could've dropped once he and those other voice actors saw my fellow bronies overtake every other cute franchise out there. When it comes to exercises in power and foresight, perhaps Giovanni had nothing on, say, Interstellar Alliance President John Sheridan or Equestrian Princesses Celestia and Luna. You wouldn't believe the course of my reflections on this franchise in recent days. How are you?
    I was referring to the Japanese translation, more specifically, the second half of "A Canterlot Wedding"... especially a certain blast-off sequence for the main villains toward the end. We're not certain how far the translation team intends to take the cartoon itself, but for now, at least, we're cheering over the strengthened bond between Rarity and Sweetie Belle as of this past weekend.
    Phew. Talk about a huge shift over the past three months, if also taking what I'd already sensed about certain countries to a new level. My fellow bronies on Equestria Daily appear to be speeding toward a certain conclusion in Japan tomorrow afternoon, although a tidbit early yesterday morning didn't help their mood at all. Are you doing well in your corner of the world so far?
    Well, between that convergence and my overarching scenario, perhaps Serena will remain what she is in my estimation. She could encounter Ash and Dawn after said scenario and come to the conclusion that it'll be too late for her, and lokoduro's view of any... "stagnation", as he put it, probably won't help. For my part, I'm having a sincere laugh over this ponified rendition of the Power Rangers theme. Many of us long imagined Snips and Snails as Bulk and Skull, so that the 1990s can echo once again today.
    Phew. Can you believe that it's been almost two years since we first exchanged visitor messages... right in the middle of my efforts to alert our fellow Pearlshippers to that special convergence during that time period? I see that our thread remains strong as Everfree Radio plays on my laptop, but perhaps the biggest surprise overall from this forum will have to be the explosion of the Amourshippers, even to the point of reaching 400 pages, if my memory still serves me well. Are you doing well this Mayan Apocalypse Aftermath Day, as I've come to call this otherwise instructive day?
    Perfect. I suppose that this had to happen, given everything I've seen. My review of My Little Pony's historical background has seen a few interesting twists, and even now, the other bronies are abuzz about an official translation for Japan. Are you doing well in your corner of the world thus far, good friend?
    Indeed that was it felt like. I feel like I am witnessing a new protagonist in BW. I see that even you, a placid individual is irked(understatement) by this. I feel that Pokemon cannot be redeemable now andthat only the games are worthwhile. DP's glory feels like 10 years ago when I am watching the debacle that is Best Wishes. That Axew episode during the league is a testament to this.
    The aftermath could be just as informative.:

    - N and his group reorganize themselves into Harmonia Industries and dedicate themselves to finding new technology to strengthen the bond between humans and Pokémon.
    - Kyurem decides to accompany N to keep this new peace, as Reshiram and Zekrom reached out to Ash and Dawn, respectively.
    - With Giovanni's death, there's no one strong enough to take over Team Rocket, so it implodes with little, if any, intervention from Kanto and Johto's law enforcement teams.
    - Jessie, James, Meowth, and Christopher, who've gotten up to speed on the previous events, offer any remaining less hostile former Team Rocket members positions at their noodle shop chain and officially rename it Rocket Ramen Restaurants.
    - Rosa and Nate start getting closer to each other, with Cilan and Iris' approval, and while the second duo stays in Unova to supervise the recovery with Chili and Cress, the first duo heads out to explore the world.
    - The last scene in my series finale features an unknown boy declaring that he'll be a Pokémon Master, just as Ash did in the first episode... but without any mishaps.

    Thus ends my overarching scenario for the Pokémon franchise, making the fifth generation the last one. You can give Babylon 5 and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic the credit for inspiring the atmosphere that I was intending to create between the heroes and the villains.
    Cilan, Iris, Rosa, and Nate end up sneaking aboard the Plasma Frigate to disguise themselves as operatives for Ghetsis, leaving N and his Team Plasma faction behind to work with Alder, Professor Juniper, and anyone else still unaffected by that Blizzard as the Plasma Frigate flies toward the Undersea Temple. Incredibly, approaching from a different direction are none other than Ash on Reshiram and Dawn on Zekrom, accompanied by Drew and Brianna. Reshiram and Zekrom escaped Unova to seek help, thereby nullifying whatever scheme Ghetsis had in mind to force those Pokémon to fight each other. At a certain point during the battle, the container holding Kyurem explodes, taking the device controlling Kyurem with it, and the Pokémon blasts a hole in the Plasma Frigate, enabling Cilan, Iris, Rosa, and Nate to escape, even as Drew and Brianna manage to set Brianna free. As the logical conclusion to Ghetsis' psychopathy, he sets the Plasma Frigate on a collision course with the Undersea Temple, and the resulting explosion kills both him and Giovanni.
    Cilan, Iris, Rosa, and Nate's first taste of Ghetsis' psychopathy occurs at the Skyarrow Bridge, which gets obliterated by an amplified Dragon Pulse from the Plasma Frigate. Notably, this shocks even Giovanni back at Team Rocket's headquarters, and his response is to basically order Cassidy, Butch, Pierce, and Dr. Zager to act as they wish, setting up confrontations at Castelia City -- where Ghetsis' Team Plasma faction has a hidden base surrounding the Meteonite -- and Driftveil City before the final showdown just after the Unova League. That order sets up Cassidy, Butch, and Dr. Zager to discover Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus on their own, and Pierce sets out to verify their information about those legendaries... by letting Meloetta find peace with random trainers. You could expect a few moments involving Cilan and Iris on one hand and Rosa and Nate on the other for the rest of the journey through Unova. The real bombshells start dropping just as N finishes a special exhibition battle with Alder: the Plasma Frigate appears and fires an amplified Blizzard that freezes Unova as far southwest as Liberty Garden, while the information gathered by Cassidy, Butch, Pierce, and Dr. Zager has convinced Giovanni to head to Unova himself to launch a modified Operation Tempest.
    I understand. Judging from what I shared with Janovy, Jesspikapal, Adelaide1994, and 00poke_maniac, it would appear that my intent was to have Ash and Dawn win the Sinnoh League and the Sinnoh Grand Festival before heading out together, setting up Cilan, Iris, Rosa, and Nate as Unova's main protagonists, combining elements from both Black and White storylines and the anime itself. Jessie, James, and Meowth have quit Team Rocket and joined Christopher's ramen noodle shop for a while before starting their own journey for Pokémon Contests, enabling Cassidy, Butch, Pierce, and Dr. Zager to step up. (As a special hint, I'll have Cilan and Iris get both names wrong, at some points even calling Cassidy Cadance, as in Princess Cadance.) They attempt to cause trouble for the main heroes at first... only to get sidelined by the two Team Plasmas at Nacrene City. As for those two factions, well, a defection by N and a group of more loyal followers after they overheard Ghetsis' real plans for Kyurem has the effect of triggering his descent into psychopathy that much earlier, with consequences even Cilan and Iris couldn't expect.
    Uh, sorry. I was referring to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episodes, from the first season all the way up to this past Saturday's Princess Coronation. My first impression was that it gave Japanese cartoons competition in terms of cuteness, and if anything, a National Public Radio interview with former President Bill Clinton bolstered that view. Certain stories that I heard later proved to be jaw-droppers, and they were enough to convince me that the ponies were a perfect alternative to the cultural collapses I'm now tracking worldwide. I'll forever remember and recognize Pearlshipping, Wishfulshipping, and Admirationshipping for representing my view of Pokémon, encapsulated in that overarching scenario. Would you mind if I described it?
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