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  • I actually want to see the beginning of XY anime, JUST to see how Ash will be portrayed. I won't be shocked if they made him even dumber than he is in Unova. The anime is dead to me and I do not believe it can ever be redeemed.
    The fact is that BW has completely killed Pokemon anime for me. Tomioka was simply a great drama writer who loved to tease PearlShipping, just like he did with contest and quest. Even after 15 years, Ash is STILL the same immature and undeveloped trainer he was in Kanto.. This saga simply made AG and DP development he received feel utterly pointless. It's no wonder why Ash is so despised by everyone. He still cannot understand the concept of love after 15 years and that is just cruciating to witness. The Unova League made Kanto look very superior.. It was THAT terrible. He still has to look up Koffing on a pokedex WTF!!!. The thought of those images from the Unova League just... Infuriates me to no end. Wasn't it a rule that you would be disqualified if you did not have 6 Pokemon in the league?? How was Kotetsu able to bend those rules??? Kotetsu just reinforces my theory that the writers and that includes Tomioka could care less about Ash's journey whatsoever. Kotetsu was a complete rookie, possibly even worse than what Ash was in Kanto! But YET he was allowed to make Ash who defeated Brandon and Paul, like near worthless. Pokemon anime has simply lost its credibility to me. No other anime treats its protagonist like garbage.
    (sweatdropping) Judging from the mood I'm picking up between you and Adelaide1994 about Black and White, perhaps my decision to reorient toward the ponies at the moment that I did was even more fortuitous than I expected. If it's any help, I have an overarching scenario for how I would end Pokémon in Unova, with special appearances by Ash, Dawn, Drew, and Brianna. Perhaps my best advice would be to start by avoiding both the hate and the hype and let your opinion shift according to the episodes in question. Some of the fan-made images and videos by the brony community could surprise you.
    Worst Wishes has made Ash look like a sidekick next to Iris, who is being treated as if she is a goddess walking among mere mortals. I always feared that Dawn's cameo would have been atrociously mishandled in BW and my fears came to fruition. Ash kept smiling after he was humiliated by noob like Kotetsu, who in all honesty should have been eliminated for not having 6 Pokemon.
    Phew. What a dramatic year so far, ever since the three major undercurrents of my mind converged on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and now, I may be on the verge of something I wouldn't have seriously contemplated even two years ago at this time. This and this were priceless, and you can give the ponies the credit. Are you doing well in your corner of the world at this time?
    I must admit, it is saddening to see the Pearl thread near the brink of death. Best Wishes has completely destroyed Ash for me.
    im really worried about the cameo. It has to be Tomioka who writes it.. can you imagine a dawn cameo with takegami or fujita? uggggh
    I think it MIGHT end up better if things work our way. What strikes me odd is, why is dawn on the BW2 main poster? The other girls werent in the main posters. Could the writers be planning something special?
    Hi mew151,how have you been?I am stalking your latest convo a bit ^^
    well,as much as I follow your logic guys about Hikari cameo.Her chances of becoming main cast again are like 0%.
    If she doesn't appear in BW then she wouldn't probably appear in years...then she would finally have her cameo in another series.
    I prefer her to cameo in Bw East Isshu with Cynthia,I mean she is in the game after all.
    And it is marketing,I just hope she appear in Bw so she could appear more often in other cameos.But if she doesn't cameo in BW.....Idk where this is going...and probably it is "never to appear again" path
    I completely agree. I simply dont want Hikari to appear in BW, because she doesnt have a true purpose in the region. Also, I wouldnt be able to stand it if some other writer other than Tomioka wrote her cameo and made pearlshipping nonexistant in her return. After the cameo, we wouldnt be able to see her ever again and that is something that should never happen, PERIOD. You cant just throw away such an important character like Hikari. That is why I really regret that special. I wish Hikari hadnt gone to Hoenn. I really want to see her and Ash together smiling at each other like the old times. If anyone deserves to return to the main cast, its Hikari. She matches Ash in personality, optimism, positveness. She is bound with her Pokemon just like him... I STILL watch the anime and BW everyday. I think the series has gotten better, but there is always a regret that Hikari isnt there. I dont really mind Iris. I jst dont understand why they just threw Hikari out like she meant nothing.
    hi Man :). I want to ask you a question. Would you rather see Hikari appear in a cameo or not appear so she can have a better chance at making a comeback to the main cast?
    About Tomioka's involvment in BW...yeah,bad timing is the word.
    These episodes were crucial to estabilish a more serious plot,that could actually make Satoshi sorta of hero(BW game plots),or at least make him mature a little more since DP maturing got owned in BW01(I still think he will come back for the league).
    Also Handsome-san was there too,this would make Satoshi link present with his past,one of the things that's missing in BW.
    That's why I think the bad timing,should be considered something bad for even a Hikari's cameo,or anything about relating him to his past.
    I need to see AG in the original version,it is the one I most want to see.Orange League and Johto can wait.(These 3 I only saw dubs).
    They tried to pull out a Contest again...And that thing you mentioned...it was really one of the great flaws of Kengo in my way of viewing things.
    When she was saddened by the contest results,he could've done something...And that something could be decisive for DP180 plot and even SatoHika relations post DP61 till 191.
    She had many rivals,but Nozomi is the one...just like Shinji getting stronger made Satoshi stronger,Hikari was the same thing with Nozomi.
    That isn't any different from Contest,since Shu was always one step ahead of Haruka.
    Kengo loosing in the Gf appeals and DP180 sudden request...only made Hikari put him in childhood friends forever list.
    About battling styles...Satoshi jad its own since AG...remember that in OS,there wasn't any training.And that's one of the reasons why nowadays I think OS as classic and not the best...there wasn't any development.
    AG he was lacking a main rival...that made him look strong,because he rarely lost.(Main rival always like to be the jerk on Satoshi....10 bagdes Shigeru??And a car?Lol)
    And AG he was like "Haruka's contest?Whatever!Let's train Swellow".
    I liked DP style the most,his talent of creating some strategies mixed with Hikari combinations made him powerful and unpredictable.Even Shinii copied his "Counter Shield" in the League.
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