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  • Tomioka-san couldn't handle DP better...and you know what?
    Don't forget Pokémon is a huge franchise,Tomioka could be focused on te plot of DP and shipping...but PokeCo and Nintendo are much more interested in selling their stuff than making SatoHika a couple.M13 is marketing...
    M9 was like DP180 at first.It came out of nowhere and didn't change anything about the current situations.After M9 premiered,episodes later came AG187(almost Contest confirmation)even if M9 was,maybe,the most potential hint of Advanced entirely.
    DP180 had results for Penguin?No,Penguin could be canon by now if the writers developed it earlier.
    Instead they prefered to develop the interactions of Satoshi and his co-star,Hikari.
    Results:Just like me,many people joined Pearlshipping.Even if they had pulled M13 last,this doesn't erase what Tomioka started.Pearl is suberb,and M13 can go to hell xD.
    Hey mew151,give M14 a try.M13 was a deception to Pearl...but before that we had a trilogy of PS movies(not just Ps but really good movies too)
    M14 is actually good,I prefer Black Hero one because Zekrom is more baddass.
    Above that,the way the handle M14 is rather unique.
    Im good too. Im really happy lokoduro wants to extend the pearl activity. I think he is our new Facescar.

    Its moderate here. Thats California haha.
    I see. Well, my family organized a special Christmas party last Friday, which turned out just fine, I think. Meanwhile, I posted some initial reflections yesterday in the corresponding thread, in the Entertainment section. Cilan and Iris have become and should remain my Unova Poké-pairing of choice, but you may be even more surprised to learn that these two had a major role to play in the successful inclusion of those ponies into my memory. As for the rest of Pokémon Black and White, the only episode I remember deliberately watching when it premiered is "Scare at the Litwick Mansion", mainly because of Cilan's (hilarious) scream. In fact, if Friendship is Magic's presence in my current thought patterns is anything to go by, then it doesn't look as though even an appearance by Team Plasma at this point in time will be enough to tilt my focus back toward Pokémon Black and White.
    Good evening from my corner of the world, fellow Pearlshipper... or, perhaps more appropriately, Merry Christmas. Admittedly, though, my attention to Pokémon Black and White appears to have dropped to the point where I'm willing to spend more time studying and supporting a certain cartoon about magical ponies that has gained a surprising level of popularity in the past year. Are you doing well thus far?
    Before, we had pearlshipping driving us together as friends. But since Dawn's abscence there wasnt a factor strengthening our friendship. She moved on from me I guess. I'll leave it at that.
    well, we began to split apart and it got to the point where our friendship become beyond repair and she wanted nothing to do with me. It was really saddening. I respect her though for her decision.
    My reason for first becoming passionate about Pearlshipping was after seeing ow much Dawn always supported Ash THROUGHOUT the course of DP.. I could never envision a girl having so much faith in him. Misty and May NEVER worried about getting in the way of Ash's dreams or were so confident in his abilities. Ash and Dawn brought out the best in each other.

    As for the Pearl haters's illogical arguments, I only have to laugh as they randomly conjure up their miraculous conclusions just to discredit SatoHika.
    Well my concern with the age theory is that... even though Ash and Dawn are both 10, I wish the writers were REALISTIC based on the fact that theyre traveling in regions. No 10 year olds travel. Its really far fetched even in animes.

    Whats more frustrating for me is that rival shippers use the age argument like "Ash is 16 and Dawn is 10, so they cant be together".....
    Its fine. Majority of the Johto arc was dragged in my opinion. The Silver Conference was really epic in my opinion however. The GS Ball topic was truly pointless in my opinion and I have questioned it ever since.

    Its really saddening to watch Iris call Ash(the boy who is an accomplished veteran) a kid.
    well Im really happy that you're atleast continuing to watch the anime instead of quitting it like many of the misty fans in 2003. I really appreciate that. You wont believe how many Kasumi fans make judgements on Dawn after watching just 1 or 2 DP episodes.

    Speaking of the Unova dragon Pokemon, Im still shocked that Druddigon can't learn Fly.
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