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  • I defeated him calmly and sensibly.... But I have to say, I love how pokeshippers flip out when you give string evidence to support your pairing haha

    Where did you get the dolls my friend?
    I put that guy in his place(through PM comments). Its really "wonderful" when people hide behind a computer and wish death on people for liking pairings lol. It gives me entertainment haha.
    I agree. I never ever go on Pokeshipping vids or any coupling vids I hate and bash them just for the fun of it. SOME Pokeshippers on yt are so mean. There was this comment by a Pokeshipper who said "And for the people saying Dawn DOES love Ash, I pray you fall into a pit and die a slow and painful death." Its amazing how people can be like this.
    Same. Ive followed your posts since 2009 pearl thread #2. I have to say Us Pearlshippers think in depth and can actually understand the subtle pearl hints that those pokeshippers(on YT) cannot understand. Pearl to me is the BEST couple ever, because Ash and Dawn have something that May and Misty never will and thats their romantic friendship. Ash was just a mentor to May and Pokeshipping was just a 1 sided crush which had dubbed hints.
    Err um I clicked here by mistake.
    I hope you can see it.
    I'll post it. If not I'll P.M it to you.
    Its photo bucket. Let me know if you can see it now k?

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