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  • Just snoozing *climbs out coffin* xD

    Four.... maybe even five? (ADVENTURE TIME REFERENCES FOR THE WIN!!)
    Gaaaah I'm so SLEEPY
    The screen is one huge blur of Peach's Most Powerful Turnip...
    siblings are HELLA ANNOYING but they're so fun to annoy, cheat, scam and beat up. you should try it >:D ask your parents to adopt a teeny twerp and then you can chinese burn his arms

    melanie... bosom?
    thats hilarious, you should divorce her! >:D

    just kidding >B^D haha, i'm so obnoxious sometimes but sorry lol

    that's not a nice thing to say. :( siblings are siblings! :^D there is no half in siblings! SIBLINGS SIBLINGS SIBLINGS!! GWAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    i said that word too much and now it sounds like saplings. well, there are no half when it comes to saplings, cause they're fun to annoy.

    oh please, an hour outside of my company must feel like a year! and having to sneak away from that wife of yours! pewhuehueh, but we're alone at last, darling!!

    sorry wrong person XDD
    damn right you guess! >:D im fantastic!!

    and yesterday i ate a massive packet of maltesers all to myself! I'M IN HEAVEN
    and i've got one more packet left lmao. it's a wonder how i keep fit haha

    also, how was your easter? meet up with family? annoy little siblings? miss me? :p
    Oh, nice games I assume! Especially Crazy Taxi, loved that game on my Playstation 2. :3
    ..Internet Browser? GENIUS!
    There was also a Windows for Dreamcast, or atleast planned to get released from what I remember what I've read...
    thats what some people say, since Ash is acting like a noob and stuff like that but i really like it! It's so feel-good though and I really like Cilan :DD

    the first surgery i had was on my teeth. most of them had to be removed but the important ones were replaced with metal things. so cool! I miss my metal teeth. :( sure, i threw up from a week because of the stuff they gave me but it was so worth it. i felt like an android superstar :p
    im talking about best wishes >:0 keep up!!! xD

    geez, that sounds crappy. :( i have "Sweaty Toe Syndrome" and "Sweaty Palm Syndrome" but they're mostly gross and inconvient lol
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