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  • bianca was annoying :-0 and ash got mad, like, generally cheesed off and i was like WAAAAAAAAGH and then i was like HUHHHH then i was like PIGNITE

    nope >:T

    in a being murdered brutally sort of way :p
    and by old injury i mean picking up a mini trampoline with a suitcase full of clothes on the top without bending my knees. In december.... its sad because it's true XD
    ghandi was... was.... A SHE-WOLF
    okay he wasn't but that would have been a neat plot twist. reality is badly constructed :( xD

    im allowed to change my mind, me being hot and all XD
    say hello to ghandi for me
    well, its really awesome, but ive lost interest. screw shinigami!! i wanna read something with baseball in it >:^D

    okay!! 8D
    cant i draw piplup instead? ;(
    well you should! double should! triple should! YOU'RE NOT EVEN ALIVE IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED IT

    read bleach, too! :D even though it's categorized horror, there's only blood.
    lots of blood
    pools of blood

    not really xD

    vulpixxxxxxxx?? :( cant i draw cranidos, or dedenne, or persian???!! WHERES YOUR ADVENTURE??!! lmao
    lol there's a dam around here somewhere but i'd drown lmao

    i just watched best wishes episode 12...


    sure that was like five years ago but CMON!! I DONT KNOW WHAT IT IS

    and if you tell me i'll turn you inside out and grab a spoon and start clearing out your gizzards :mad: xD

    oh yeah im drawing POKEMON! :D

    i've done

    sun cherrim
    raichu and yeaaah, others :D

    if you want me to draw a pokemon, i can. but i cant show it to you because the scanner doesnt work XD but whatever WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DRAW
    replace chickens with children and then it'd have romance xD

    sounds good! :D i live on a pretty big property but theres NOTHING to do, except scare the lizards who live under the house and throw sticks at the birds. i love nature but still! ITS SO BORING
    a guy and a girl farm turnips and raise chickens :D

    mind you i dont want to actually run a real life farm, causing picking up those haystacks looks hard xD
    well, it was bound to happen someday. dont worry! you're only human :p

    thats SUCH a coincidence, that you named your guy daniel and i named my guy danny. hey, we're probably destined to be together :0 xD
    i never got too rich but i made a bundle out of ore in the mountains. :p wasted it all on furniture lmao

    i really want to read a manga about a farm but they're REALLY boring :( xD
    have you ever played harvest moon: magical melodies?

    i named my guy danny (WHYYYY) and i married gwen. she was so epic and pretty. i was gonna marry ann but her dad expected me to take over the business. WHY ME. i just wanted to mine ore and get rich xD

    my imagination is serious over-active. i imagine in super smash bros that my charizard has an lsp voice and he is fighting to release squirtle and ivysaur from slavery XD
    have you got a CRUSH ON ME?!! :D

    its totally fine. >Bp i know im irresistible. no man is immune to the influence of my sonic signature
    actually the quote is "no man is immune to the influence of my lumps" but since a lumpy purple space princess said that it isn't weird XD

    time to read... bakumangutari monomon ching chong chow
    why do they make manga titles so long?!! XD
    my first instinct would throw poop at their face, but jumping on their shells usually works :D

    YAYY someone a teeny bit close to my age. i tire of talking to thirty year olds lmao
    here's a map of manhattan's sewage system *hands map* one wrong turn and you could be a turd
    okay that was weird XD

    GOOD TIMES i haven't read any in ages. :( the last thing i read was sonic boom but i vaguely remember, like, anything. xD

    now time to be annoying

    close all the blinds and lock all the doors because Nintendo and Sega are gonna hunt you down to stop you from exposing the secret!! :0 YOU HAVE TO ELOPE and publish these sources anonymously from abroad, change your name and get a sex change and put a lock on your villa in Munich xD

    and we have to sever our ties because they'll torture me from information and your whereabouts. AND I HAVE TERRIBLE PAIN TOLERANCE XD
    The only difference between the two is that ISOs are from disc-based games, and ROMs are from cartridges, same principle.
    And it's still illegal, sadly. I don't agree that it should be illegal, but it still is, according to laws. :/
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