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  • Er....fun....>_>, <_<


    Not all good though. Tomorrow I'm getting a haricut *sigh* I'll take before and after shots for you, just so you can see how un-needed it is.
    Okay then...


    GREAT! Woke up about midday. Had a shower etc. then started watching Heroes. A great day. 'twas so lazy...
    I guess not


    If you were a complete and utter ass-hole....yes, I would ignore you. Why wouldn't I?


    Anyway, I've got things to watch. Cya!
    Stop it! It's worrying


    Na, I was on self-service, so I was doing something I guess. But yea, I don't find it boring. We are very different people.
    Stop feeling lazy! Stop it!


    Great today. Didn't have to serve anyway. Stood for 3 hours and got paid about $35 for it. Not too shabby
    That's allright. I got distracted too.


    Today was great. I literally did nothing (oh, well, went to work from 4 till 7, but apart from that, nothing)
    Yea, you've done something today though. I ain't. Anyway, be back in probs 45 or something (I like long showers). See ya
    This is obviously Doctor Anderson talking here! But nah, it's all good now. Just a little bit sore, probs becuase of the head-banging I was doing last night while listening to songs...
    Hopefully, but very unlikely.

    Lol, we had an awesome teacher for German but, unfortunately, there were better elective subjects to choose from for Yr 9 and 10 :\

    This year I did: Physics, Chemistry, 2U Maths + Maths Ext., IT and SDD. Then there's the compulsory English -_- I'm definitely dropping IT 'cause 13 units in Yr 12 is a bit much.
    It could be me but I'd say it's a very slim chance :\ I do know that one of my best friends is one of the them :)

    You got to learn Japanese? :O I wanna learn Japanese! I doubt I would go well 'cause I'm not really a languages person either. It was compulsory to do German in Yr 7 and 8.

    Working at some computer shop. I was forced to do this 'cause I chose IT as a subject :\ Definitely dropping it at the end of this term (Year 12 starts next term).
    Really? :) Well, I think I definitely didn't go well in Physics. According to my Physics teacher, only about three people actually went well.

    Yesh, I don't mind Japanese :D

    Nah, my holz start next Saturday (The Saturday after that for me really, 'cause I got work experience :\)
    Yes...of course...

    Uhhh...well, like me, I always think I failed the exams, but so far, the opposite has always happened :\

    Yeah, I know, that's why I downloaded it :D
    Hmmm...dunno really. The feeling's just there...

    Yeah, not really...schools going fine for me. Finished my exams on Friday! :S

    Yep, well, seeing as it's coming out around Spring for North America, we should get it Autumn or Winter :)
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