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  • I was at the cricket nets literally all day. I then realized being the smart person I am I forgot to use sun-screen, so then I spend the next 20 minutes applying this spray-type thing that's supposed to re-moisturise the skin. But apart from that, nothing really. Just watching U Choose 40 on C4 and doing this. I'm fun.
    Yea, but most of them are down my way, although I do have some rellies in Christchurch. Our family is very much a S.I family.
    10? Wow.

    I have an older sister, she goes to Polytech in Dunedin so she has moved out, although she is down for the holidays as tech is closed. So, during the school year I am an only child effectively. A far cry from having twins and triplets etc!
    I thought alll twins did things together. Are you identical?

    I've always wanted to bunjy jump as well. That would be so, so awsome, but the closest place in Invers to bunjy jump would be Q'Town and that would be worse than Auckland.
    Yea I was going to go to the cricket today, it would have been a good game to see, but shopping is slightly more important to a 15 year old girl!
    Touché. That's like the COMPLETE opposite to me.

    And it's not like Invercagill is some hick-rural town (like Gore). Next time your down though you should definately check out the water tower though. The view is amazing

    Xmas prezzies? Lesee, not alot as our family is not really an xmas family. Just some money ($60), a couple of calenders, alot of food and a model kit (I build scale models of NZ trains, wagons etc.).

    What about you?
    Not going up town. Far too busy for me so I let my parents get a couple of magazines for me (they did not go anywhere near the Warehouse coz that's suicide), then I had to work at the Invercargill Water Tower (have you heard of it? If so you should go to it next time your down), then I watched NZ play the WI on the telly.

    Auckland had a pretty big day I hear. The cricket, the races AND the normal boxing day festivities.

    We are lucky if we get those at all for a day.
    Holy sh!t that's alot of lvl 2 subjects. Why 'haven't you been moved up? Your obvioulsy smart enough.

    Yea, I'm not a rugby fan at all but it's the only thing I can think off that will make Invevegas better than Auckland.

    Your christmas sounds like every other christmas, from what I've heard from people I know. It's all BBQs at the beach etc. and its great. It must be horrible to have a cold christmas.

    NCEA is not as bad as people say it is. Sure the exams are harder but the Internals are fairly easy. Good luck on this (or is it next?) year then.

    Well have to continue this riveting conversation tomorrow hopefully as I am going to bed. g'night.
    Very different from Auckland! We're better at rugby than you though (ha!)

    I had a very cruzy day actually. Pur family aren't really into christmas in a huge way, so yea.

    Next year I am going into year 12 (I was put up, somehow they thought I was smart enough).

    I presume you will be going into year 11?
    My location in the profile may give you a clue. If not, Invevegas, otherwise known as Invercargill.

    And you?
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