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  • Yeah. Ive kind been on more recently. Not even 2 days ago I had under 60 posts. Now im over 100
    Im on for about 3-6 hours a day. You will see me alot over the winter holidays because.... NO SCHOOL!!!! normally, I rate teams
    Yeah i thought it needed a sequel ^^
    I'm keeping to the same thread, but there are some tallyist changes. Serenitie will be taking over from KingaLing, and Spiritomb08 (who gave me the idea) will also be a tallyist. You and Master Blastoise can stay as well.
    Wow, that's cool. I don't get to travel around much. I do want to travel more though, go around the world. And I have some ideas for my future... I pondered animator/comic book artist/illustrator, but I also pondered author/journalist or something in that whole media industry (that isn't acting or something like that, lol) or maybe even a police officer. 8D

    Yeah, in the end, NZ >>>>>>>>>> the rest of the world. =DDD
    Napier is great. Always sunny and I have places in Napier I go to often like this ice-cream place by the beach. :3 Plus staying at my nan's house is always good. =D And that sounds cool. Wow, you seem to go to quite a lot of places in NZ for dancing stuff.

    Ah, that sounds cool. I'll be away from friends a lot these holidays and one's even going to Cambodia and Vietnam but luckily I got to hang out with her before she leaves.

    We get long holiday and Christmas, America just get long holiday. 8D Plus by the end of the year, a big holiday is what you need the most. I think we win. =]
    Wut laet repli. D:

    I'm good, going up to Napier tomorrow! Visiting my relatives and celebrating Xmas and New Year's there! And cuz I'm a Fruits Basket fan, I can be all, "OMG ZODIAC. WHICH CHARACTER IS IT THIS YEAR? 8D"

    The great thing about New Zealand is that we get Christmas first. But then again, we finish first too... XD;

    How have you been? Doing anything cool these hols?
    Hiiiii! =D How's it going, NZ buddy? 8D Are you having your holidays now? We finished on Tuesday at 10am. =DDD
    Everywhere dose.

    I know what you mean. It really would have been hard to deal with the two so close together.

    I didn’t do it to be thanked. But you’re welcome then.

    Your lucky we aren’t even at are Christmas break yet. At least you’re having fun; that makes me happier.

    I’m glad to hear she’s getting better by the minute. I knew because of how young she was some problems would come with it. She’ll be back to for full self before you know it. And there is no need to thank me.

    Nice, you get loads of holidays.

    I only get 21 days a year.

    I actually wish i was back at school sometimes.
    Thanks I hope you have a good time as well. Just hope I don’t get arrested. I’d go to prison right away and get ten years before I even get a trial.

    It’s not that; just hard to get away with everything.

    Hope your well today.

    Yeah, I haven't been there in ages. I think last time I went, I was 12... So 3 years ago, approx? Now whenever I go overseas, it's to visit my Dad who lives in India with my stepmum. XD

    Ha, you're GDC and I'm WGC. Fun. Never heard of that college, but I guess it's cuz Wellington Girls' is a more recogniseable kind of name. Yup, it's the biggest girls' college in Wellington, so yeah, I'm surrounded by students no matter where I go and I don't even remember all the names of people in my year. XD

    No worries. NZ <3
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