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  • Hell yeah. Though Wellington fails with beaches, imo. I wish we had soft sand like Australia! The Steal-Pavlova-And-Other-NZ-Icons country. XD

    Wow, major coincidence huh? I go to WGC, aka Wellington Girls' College. XD You? And ack, I gotta get off the computer now, so I'll chat more tomorrow or something. :3
    Is that so? LOL, for some reason, I never get sick of doing nothing but bumming about town with friends regardless of whether we do anything for the day or not. Wellington is one of those cities you can just do nothing but still feel like you haven't wasted your time.. XD

    Year 10, I finsih up December 16th. NCEA next year. x_X You?
    Wow, that's cool. Nah, the last time I went to Auckland, I was a baby so I don't remember anything. I wanna go though. Rainbow's End, Sky Tower and stuff like that to see and go to, just because it's one of those NZ places. XD

    Yup, there is a club. I think I tried to join but the owners didn't respond. But yeah. XD; *goes to accept friend request*
    I'm capital city, baby. <3 Yeah, I'm Welingtonian. I love saying that, lol. Though some people I know call Wellington Wellywood and I'm like, "...Riiiiight." XD

    Yeah, I love finding other NZers. I know quite a few and there's that New Zealand club so I'm planning to look into that sometime and see if there's another Wellingtonian. 8D
    Haha, I noticed you chatting to my pal Darato via VMs and I noticed you're a New Zealand girl! That's awesome. So am I.
    The US is one of the best places to do it in. But your skill really is handy.

    I’m going to Mexico for a month with one of my friends this summer. It should be fun. Hope you have fun on yours.

    Nope I’ve never nee outside North America.

    Almost done.

    That sounds like a lot of fun. NZ is very fun place.

    Dancing pays off big time. You can make good money on it and still have fun at the same time. Your showing that your responsible by taking care of them.

    After all you having help can only take you so far. After that you need to take a few leaps of faith.

    I’m in my last year of high school. I could be done in about a month if I want. But my friend Molly would kill me. We start at the same time we finish at the same time. What about you?

    I’m glad to hear that. And I’m sure you’d be busy with everything.

    I’ve been worried. It may be slow but at least it’s working. All the good things in life take time. I’ve glad that things are working out for her.

    I’m good; just don’t want to go to school tomorrow.

    How are you?

    I was half right Don’t worry you’re not the only who doesn’t look their age. I’ve been mistaken for 25. Sure it sounds fun until the cops show you because you’re having out with girls in their teens.

    It’s just not twins. Mu BFF and tow of my cousins and me all act the same. And call all trust each other with our lives. But twins do generally have a strong bond.

    Thanks she finds out in two days. Either I’m going to drink in celebration or drink in sadness.

    Thanks ^^ I just can’t stand to see other suffering.

    That’s one of the good things about having a twin. You have someone there that will most likely know what you’re going though. If I remember right you guys are still young yourselves; around 13 I think. No matter how old you are it’s not easy. When you’re younger it’s hard because you’re still growing and you need them. When you’re older it’s hard because of how much you’ve been though together.

    I’m here for all of you if you need it.

    Thanks. Her grandma died from it so I’m worried about her.

    No need to thank me; all that matters is your sister’s health. It makes me happy to see her getting better; I was worried about her. It’s great she finally opening up and getting the proper treatment because of so.

    How about you? I mean it can’t be easy losing your mom then almost losing your sister.

    I have mixed feelings right now to be honest with you. One of my old teachers died, my friend has a 95% chance at havening breast cancer, my 6th nephew will be born in about a week and there’s a few people competing for my love right now. But none of that’s important.

    Hi, i'm glad to see you've already started tallying :)
    But here's some advice; quote the last tally and then delete the quotation marks so you get the sprite images too.
    Thanks. It’s a genetic thing with my family. So my sister one of my brothers or I might get in layer in life. My friends Grandpa has put a lot of money into funding a cancer research center her. They’ve helped so many people out with it. And they don’t stop there they also help out the families.

    I’m sorry to hear that. That’s the same story with my Grandma. She got cancer and although they told her she had a few years to live; she didn’t want that. She was afraid she’d be a burden and went in a week.

    Thank you :)

    May I ask how she died? I understand if you don’t want to tell me. Like I said I'm here to talk anytime you need it.

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