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  • ok sure i will, but it will take time though. i will have it for you by tomorrow caus i want to make a good job of it for you!!!
    so ill send you the team via mail by 2moz, but it might be late this evening. is that ok?
    feel free to talk to me about stuff to do with this cause i can def help you out!!
    ill talk to you later then!!
    cya later XD
    just wondering because turtwig cant learn the same moves as torterra and torterra is a whole lot stronger.
    o you mean like protiens and stuff? well they are best used when your pokemon is young to improve their base stats when they are older, e.g any level between 1-40 would be a good time to use them. after awhile, you will have raised their stats as much as you can, but it does def help. shall i make your team now?
    Yaa im going to evolve turtwig and staru, why?
    Do you think I should use those things that up there stats?If yes at which level, and how many?
    for the breeding question it depends, are you realy that fussed on natures because it can take awile to get the right one. if you want to, then thats fine, but it will be quicker not to.
    well your pokemon like you alot more if you raise them yourself and it honestly doesnt take that long if you train on victory road and rebattle trainers. if your pokemon like you, you can get some good items and if they get confused in battle, they will snap out of it quicker and wont hurt itself if it likes you more. plus its really rewarding training your own pokemon!
    are you going to evolve turtwig and staryu into starmie and torterra?
    Yes to the Tm's and Hm's question.
    Should I start breeding my pokemon now.
    Should I cheat and use rare candys on them or the old fashion way??
    its no problem!! are you planning on evolving your turtwig and staryu? and also do have a good range of TM's and HM's?
    I'v decided to go with Garchomp,Lucario,Gengar,Staru,Blissy or Togekiss,and Turtwig,I kinda don't care about there natures but I know It's Important soo.Thank you so much.
    sure i can help!! ok ones that would make a really good team would be Garchomp(coveres dragon and ground), Lucario(coveres fighting and steel), Gengar(can cover all ghost, dark and psychic all in one!) Staru (can evolve into starmie and will cover water) OR Prinplup (can cover water and more steel so depends which one you want to use there) Blissey (a great healer if you want it to be) OR Togekiss OR Luxray if you really want electric on your team (togekiss and blisseycan learn a range of moves so would be good in that regard HOWEVER only choose one not all) and now either Turtwig OR Roserade (personally i would go with Turtwig as it can cover more movesets than roserade and doesnt have the weakness to psychic) but this still leave you with no fire pokemon but Garchomp can learn Fire Blast. But how does that sound? can you make up your mind about the ones that i have given you a choise? then tell me the ones you want to use and i will message you a team with movesets and then we can talk about what you think. how does that sound? btw do you care about natures at all? if you do, be prepared to do some breeding, but if you are new to the whole battling thing then dont worry about the natures!! hope you understand all that i have said!!!
    Ok Garchomp,Lucario,Gengar,Togekiss,Blissy,Rapidash,Staru,Honchkrow,Floatzel,Heracross. Rampardos,Roserade,Luxaray,Staraptor,Chimchar,Prinplup,and Turtwig.Can you help. :)
    haha lol awl good. just make a list and i can suggest the ones i think would be best for a team!
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