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  • ...he did?! sorry about that, I swear, i had nothiong to do with it. I was talking to breezy, though, I wasn't taklikng to yo. (though i said some stupid things to you too, and I'm sorry about that. I'll give aspearger a word about that.
    *note: Oh, and Breezy? sorry again (yes, I get the message that it's not first person AND I tend to be skimpy with details, AND sorry for not listening to you the first time AND finally I'm a dork, so sorry about that too...) but let me explain. In a blunt description. it's 3 1/2 person- told by narrator, details and everything else by main character. so the way the story is told is neither first person or third person. So can you stop blowing up at me? I know tha it's not told right, but then I can't think of any other way to tell the story, so there. Please don't kill me.
    Further proof you didn't read- I am NOT Breezy and Breezy is NOT me, unless you are very belatedly and laggedly reading all of her post now :/

    btw do yourself a favor and don't listen to whatever asperger says- the user failed to listen to critisism from not only me but about four other authors trying to help. Then in a pitiful and pathetic display of spite, spammed my inbox.
    Sorry about your first 'Yami-post'. Seriously, it is an unusual miracle when she gives a positive post to anyone (it happened once, but I can't remember to who right now)
    Anyways, the explanation that you gave to parasite was actually quite good, and the idea might receive further development in future chapters, which I hope you produce

    P.D: Yami-ryu might be the meanest critic around here, so her usual good review, is when she doesn't do one; that's her average 'well done' (at least since I know her)

    Good luck, and good writing.
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