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  • The Wi-fi makes all these remakes so much better. Call me crazy but in like 5 or so years I wouldn't mind ANOTHER RBY remake, of course complete with full online capability and extremely brandished graphics and concepts.
    I love all the main series Pokemon games. Fire Red was fantastic, but Heart Gold was AMAZING. Can't wait for the next iteration of the main series. B&W2 coming to the USA soon!
    Well I buy basically every Pokemon game but my favorites were RBY and GSC, and similarly the Original Series was my favorite part of the Anime... And I don't believe it's the nostalgia blinders, either.
    Yeah haha I've been here a long time (periodically) and not much changes. Have fun wherever and whenever you can! Don't let jerks get in your way lol
    Well, there is a Pokemon Battling Team known as a clan.
    You don't need to have skill to join.
    I've learned alot.
    Also, my friend has Platinum and he is in my clan and he is quite lonely.
    No one else has a 4th Generation game.
    I would be VERY happy if you joined our Clan.
    It is known as the Black Ice Clan.
    It is the longest running Clan.
    Please join.
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