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  • OK, I'll train a Shedinja for Raikou then. And thanks, but I don't need Crobat and Jolteon, I have 'em already :)
    Nah, I don't think I'll need a Togekiss, but I can indeed give you a baby Torchic/Treecko (no shiny Pokemon on HG yet XP).
    Yeah, happened to me once on Fire Red, but I'd already taught it Thunderbolt, so it didn't matter too much =P

    I was planning on training a Togekiss, but then I decided in favour of Zephyrus, my Crobat. I have a Timid Togepi hatched from the daycare now, though; I'll probably train that ;)
    Ah, I see.

    Nice :D My Togetic grew to Lv. 59 in the Daycare before I decided to take it out =P But you must have missed ThunderPunch when Flaafy evolves at Lv. 30 to Ampharos, right?
    Berried? But anyway, Rare Candies don't matter if the rest of your Pokemon is legit at least, since we can always set the auto-level 100 option on for the battle.

    And what's the story with your Ampharos @_@
    Ah, no problem, it'll take me a few days to finish training my new battle team anyhow.

    And yeah, best to keep away from hacks and stuff, more fun that way ^^
    Hey there, Mewkachu, thanks for the friend request ^_^

    btw, if you click on "View Conversation" at the bottom of my message and reply there, then I'll be notified of it; right now, you're only messaging yourself XD

    And do you have Wi-fi? Since we both have HeartGold, we could trade or battle or something :D
    Yeah, that sounds about right, but usually you rank up every 20 posts; I could be wrong, but that's how I got to my rank. I'll go ask someone at the 'Help' forum.
    It depends on which you mean. Besides Crystal and Yellow, I haven't played a Pokemon game in months and I don't have an Umbreon in either of those. The ones in Sapphire and Diamond are doing great, even though they're just lying dormant. ^^
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