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  • Oh... Sorry to hear that... If you do get one, any Wi-Fi security setting works with B/W.
    And as a reply to your post, good luck!
    Oh, sorry about the mix up, should've read your profile *facepalm*
    And the odds of a Masuda hunt are 1/2046, so you're good as long as you're using a Japanese Ditto!
    I beg you pardon?
    I have said nothing, and I mean NOTHING to you.
    The strikes were given by other people, and they are right.
    They do care about your condition, but even then you should have known that a post requires 40 words. This is because all the previous clubs, and there were quite a few, were closed. It's nothing against you, we just HAVE to be strict, to everyone, because of what happened in the older ones. I'm sorry, but your ban will be lifted in a month, so please just follow the rules as easy as they are, try to re-read them every time you post just to make sure.

    Once again, but sorry, it wouldn't be fair compared to others and we have to =/
    We don't hate you at all, we hope to see you back in a month, because we're all nice and want to have a fun place. We just have to be this strict even though we don't like it.
    Dude, calm down and leave Pokerealm alone, it's just that they're being really strict because if they're not, this club will be overrun by spam just like the last club was. I'm not meaning to be rude, but even though your posts were on topic, they're still considered spam because of them being to short in length. They have to be both 40 words long AND 4 sentences long. Sorry man, but that's the way the cookie crumbles.
    Your newest post is breaking the rule of don't bash any co-owners decisions... That would be a fourth strike then...
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