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  • Maybe? :L But let's throw in a couple of super fancy arrows into this equation as well just for the fun of it. Sooo.... → ÷ ( ↔ × ↵)➚ √➵ ≈ ↕ = ∞
    Well isn't that Hamtaro game awesome? Adorable to boot.
    Yea we do... Lol. We can brawl on Friday if that's ok with you... I'm painting my room atm.
    I went to CN Tower, went to ROM
    (really nice places, I loved there, the first museum I've ever visited)
    Niagara Falls, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec, HHoF
    And other places

    (I love Eaton Centre =P)


    lol, we don't get Academy awards in New Zealand, and I am not big on Oscars or Grammys or anything like that. Not at all
    hehe *pats back*


    Not bad, not bad. Just doing normal weekend stuff (sitting on my ass in other words). WBU? Who is Mewluvr200?
    They certainly do, although I wouldn't call mine exactly good


    lol, he's not actually on. Ask him that in his profile xD
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