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  • I'm trying to be more active now haha, but I'm still posting on the SPC more than here. It's getting more active lately as well! Friend safari's? I've been great, just... really really really busy haha. I'm always rushing like crazy to make spare time. How about you?
    Hey! LOOOOONG time! How are you? I realised the other day that I hadn't been on this website for... years. Literally. I can't believe I've logged on to it haha. How is everything? Still active on here?
    Ooh well early congratulations then! It's a nice change, but I do miss it :p It is veeery different to me haha. I'm actually flying back in a couple of days for summer holiday :D
    Hey no worries that makes perfect sense haha. I've been going through that for a while too :p I'm hoping I get it back soon though. It should happen as I'll be re-reading all of my favourite fan fics again so yeah :p How's life?
    HEY! How are you? It's been AGESSSSSSS haha! I was talking to nie and DD about the old SPC and we were going through all the old members and I remembered you hahaha. How've you been? Where've you disappeared to? :p
    Welcome back! Woah that's crazily expensive. Lmfao! Next time go for Mexican in Mexico itself :p Yeah Indian food can be awesome, depends what you get. I'm glad you ahd a good time :D You seen Harry Potter?
    Aww. Don't worry I know how you feel, my girlfriend is in Scotland and I won't see her until late August/early September.
    You in California?
    I looked it up :) I understand now. Haha alright, I understand how it can get very busy. Yeah a couple have left now. Believe me, so am I. But whatever, we've got the SPC anyway, so yeah. Let him have his fun, when we can enjoy the originality of our club :D
    I'm great thank you! LOVING summer. Seriously, I live for summer.
    How about you?
    Oh I get it. Ah that must suck :( I'm sorry. Can you practice your self control? Or is it permanently like that?

    It is! Believe me, it's the best fic that you'll ever read.

    Alright cool :)

    How come you're never on at the SPC anymore? We miss you :(
    Oh okay :( Sorry, I guess I didn't fully understand then. My bad. Yeah, school was not fun over here either. Yeah they're both on here, just go to Water Spirit's profile to find Fate and Destiny of Friends. You will not regret it. Haha yeah true. That's just weird. Yeah go for it! It's really fun going through them all :D

    And I'm glad you and your boyfriend are happy together :)
    Oh I see. It just sounds to me like you're happy and hyper :p Kidding :) I think it's pretty cool haha. Yeah go for it! I seriously suggest Fate and Destiny of Friends though. Best fic EVER. But yeah, Romance 101 is my second favourite fan fic, you'll really like it I think. Medea's writing is amazing in the Romance fan fics. Pokemon Adventures is pretty good once you get into it. Pokeshipping is my favourite shipping. MistyxGary? Nah, once again, you're opinion haha :p I've started watching them all over again :D

    Thanks :D I'm glad too!
    Yay :D Oh no way? That sucks :( What's your symptom? I hope you get better :) Ah that must really have sucked :( Mainly Pokemon ones, and mainly Pokeshipping. I used to read Harry Potter ones, but I love the Pokemon fan fics way more. Draco/Hermione? I don't see how that would work, but of course, it's up to you, the reader :) Aww that sucks. A couple of great Pokemon fics would be Water Spirit's "Fate and Destiny of Friends" (best fic I've ever read) and Medea's "Romance 101" and "Romance 102". Aww that sucks! I hate viruses. Yeah I started reading Pokemon Adventures, it's really good! Death Note? My friend is hooked to that. He loves it. Yeah, only Anime I watch is the Pokemon one haha. I started from the beginning, seeing as I never completely watched it, and I'm loving it so far :D Haha I know how you feel, I hate waiting for then next chapter :p

    Awesome! I'm happy for you :) It was my girlfriend and my 10 months on the 7th :D
    Meanie! You ditched meeee :( Don't worry, I understand how it is to lose interest in something :) Omg you as well? I got sick so many times, I was sick for 2 weeks straight actually, had to catch up with LOADS of work. So don't worry, I know how you feel. Same here :D Just not the New York and California part :p Going to Thailand again :D But yeah, New York and California sound awesome! Yeah I just commented on that in the club :) It sounds like it'll be really fun. Oh that's why you're not enjoying yourself at the moment haha. I'm actually just watching the anime and reading fan fics. I love doing this over the summer :D
    Hows the boyfriend?
    You want to be in school? Woah, are you sick or something? xP Congrats with the bf! Gaaawd, ever since my last two I am never getting one (soon) because my parents forbid me (which I totally broke the rules). He sounds so cuuuute ♥ Hah, you get to talk about him here? That's cute! x3 Hope you guys stay for~ever! I always say that with relationships ^^;
    AGES you say? xD Everythings fine and dandy on my part. School sucks to the max, if it weren't for my super cool bestfriend (who is a guy) that I like ♥ lol, what about you?
    HAHAHAHA, oh well, that's good that things r mostly good! :p My sister would tease me to death if I had a boyfriend, I don't want her to know anything! :p Well, as long as things r good now, that's all that matters! ^_^

    Hahahaha, yeah, that is funny! :p That's true, when u know something they really like it makes it a heck of a lot easier! :p Hahahaha, yeah, I got phone guy a Christmas present, but I dunno when the next time I'm gonna see him is! If things don't work out, I'm thinking about returning it to him, but I should probably give it to him anyway, it's not like we hate each other! :p Yeah, sorry, I'm just really confused right now, and I want to talk to him, but he's @ work, at least I think! :p TTYL! ^_^

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