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  • Hahahaha, that's awesome! ^_^ Egoshipping, that's a funny one, but I get it! :p I don't really go with that though, I'm also a huge Rocketshipper too! :p Yeah, at least I'm feeling better today though, even though I still sound pretty bad! :p Yeah, I know what u mean about that whole losing contact thing, I have had so many "best friends" lose contact with me, they were my best friend for whatever location I was living in and then we never talk to each other again, it's sad! :(

    Yeah, I honestly don't know what to think anymore, I'm getting mixed signals from him, I just really wish we could be alone and just be honest with each other on everything and see what's going on cuz right now I have NO clue, it's really quite frustrating! :( I dunno what to do anymore, I guess I gotta wait, but I'm getting tired of waiting... Well, if things r supposed to work out they will and if they don't, oh well! :(
    That's good that they at least get along! ^_^ Yeah, I REALLY hope we will have more time, I'm still trying to figure out our relationship, we hardly see each other, we talk @ least once a day, even if it's only a hi, (we text), I can't figure out how into me he is or he isn't, but he said he'd like to get into a relationship with me, I still hope he feels that way! ^_^ Yeah, that's true, I guess I'll just have to wait and see, I'm such an impatient person! :p I'm glad things are going well for u though! ^_^

    That's awesome!!! I'm glad he's coming back soon! ^_^ That's cool, I'm sure he'll love the penguin! XP That's an interesting animal to be obsessed with, but it is a cool animal! ^_^ Alright, have fun! ^_^ TTYL!

    Oh my gosh, first off, let me start off by saying I LOVE ur new avatar!!! I'm a Pokeshipper for life! XP Yeah, work has been INCREDIBLY busy, but now I think it's starting to calm down! ^_^ Thanks, yeah, I actually got A LOT worse yesterday, maybe I'm slowly starting to get better, I'm not really sure yet cuz I'm still pretty sick. It really does suck, especially since I'm never sick! :p Yeah, it was SOOOO much fun! It's true, it is very hard, I've only really stayed in touch with my group of friends, I've tried to keep in touch with some other people I was close to, but they've all drifted away! I called one girl in my class I was close to, cuz I was closer with the younger class cuz they were my age! :p Anyway, I called her, left a message, but she never called me back, oh well! :( Yeah, my tip is, if u wanna stay close, don't wait for someone else to do it! :p
    Hey, watsup? Sorry I can't give u a detailed update, I've gotta be getting to sleep soon for work tmw! Basically, work has been mad busy, SOOOOO many people, I work @ a video game store in the mall, too much business and too many hours to work, and now I'm sick! :( I'll get better soon though! ^_^ I'm having a get together with my friends from high school tmw @ my house, we went ice skating and bowling on Saturday, it was SOOOOO much fun! ^_^ Not much else is going on @ the moment.

    Glad things r going better and ur problems are being solved! ^_^ I'm still not w/phone guy since we've both been way too busy during the holidays to do anything together, but hopefully that will change soon! ^_^ Alright, g2g, ttyl! ^_^

    Yay you're back! Ah that band keeps you busy eh? :p
    Don't worryyy, we all have a right to stop posting haha.
    I've been alright. I was seriously sick a couple of weeks ago. Was in bed for 2 weeks.
    How about yourself?
    Yeah it has been too long!
    How's the boyfriend?
    Hey Lynn!!!
    How and where have you been?!
    It's been ages since I've talked to you!
    You like disappeared haha.
    Awwww, that is so cute!!! Yeah, u guys sound very cute together! The only bummer is he might be getting a promotion, he might be Assistant Manager at the store in the next town over, so he'll be working more and he'll be farther away! :( Hahahaha, but yeah, I just love being with him, he's very fun to be around! :p Hahahaha, thanks for the warning! :p I'm wondering when to introduce them, probably after we get together! :p Thanks for the update! ^_^

    Well, for work, I got a whole bag of Warheads from this guy I was working with yesterday! ^_^ We got 5 bags for our midnight release of World of Warcraft (a PC game) and I was so happy! It was fun, they're teasing me for being short, I got to talk with phone guy cuz we were both working @ the same time, yeah! :p

    Well, I gotta get going and check on the club and do some hw b4 work, so ttyl! ^_^

    Wow, that's really good! ^_^ Hahahaha, yeah, sounds like me, outnumbered @ work cuz I'm a girl! :p That's awesome! ^_^ At least u'll have another get together b4 the end of the year! ^_^

    Hahahaha, no, I don't think I've seen that, but I should go watch it! :p Thank you very much, yeah, I don't think teachers know how much power they have and if they do they exploit it! :p I made a change to my schedule for next semester, but I'll have another Tuesday/Thursday schedule, so yay! ^_^ Hahahaha, oh that sux, yeah, I barely play my games anymore, I STILL haven't played Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia yet! :p Maybe over my next 6 day break I will! :p Yay for Turkey Day! :p (continued...)
    Hahaha, thanks, yeah, phone guy is totally awesome!!! I got to work at his store on Thursday cuz one of the girls said her back hurt too much to go in, so I got to work w/him! ^_^ We cuddled for a little bit, but we couldn't for too long cuz we had SOOOOO much work and there's a security camera in their store, luckily ours doesn't, but yeah, it was fun! He bought me pizza too! ^_^ Yeah, we were hugging for a long time, hopefully we'll get to hang sometime next week, work and school keeps us so busy! Awwwww, ur bf sounds so sweet! That's great! ^_^

    Yeah, we keep on going through bumps, I think as soon as the stress from this semester is over and her parents call, everything will be completely better, can't wait for school to get out! :p Yeah, I wish ur friends the very best! ^_^ It's still pretty bumpy, but things will work out eventually! ^_^ (continued...)
    Hahahaha, I hate how we can't post as much as we used to in one message anymore, I'm sure they changed it! Oh well, here's the beginning of a long response! :p

    That's cool, no worries!!! Yeah, I'm on here on a pretty regular basis, but not everyday, school is taking over my life and work is gonna be too with the holiday season, Black Friday is next Friday! Thanks, yeah, from 10 PM to 5 AM, I wrote 18 pages including my bibliography, I finished it and got 1 1/2 hrs of sleep, it was not fun! :p (continued...)
    Awwwww, I'm SOOOOO happy things r going well for u guys!!! ^_^ Glad u said yes too! :p That's awesome that he likes Pokemon, phone guy likes Pokemon too! :p Not as much as me, but we can make jokes about it! :p It sounds like he's taking good care of u, that's great! ^_^ Hahahaha, at least now u got meeting the parents out of the way! :p Hahahaha!!! Yeah, if I was in front of my parents I'd be scared to death! :p I can never be comfortable around them! :p Glad u guys like the movies though! :p Our district at GameStop won a free screening of Quantum of Solace, hopefully I'll get to go w/phone guy! ^_^ You guys sound SOOOO cute though!!! I'm just so happy for u, lucky!!! ^_^

    lol, it's fine about the post length, don't worry about it, I had the same problem too! :p Good luck to u w/everything that's going on! ^_^ I look forward to talking to u soon! ^_^ TTYL!

    Yeah, I totally understand how u feel about school! Sounds like ur doing pretty well! ^_^ Yeah, I ended up getting a B in Biology, grrrr! I'm gonna try to get straight A's again this semester, I dunno if it will happen though, one of my teachers is the hardest grader ever!!! I'm kinda stressed out about it, but I just gotta do my best, and if I do that, there's nothing else I could have done. Good job though! ^_^ (continued...)
    My bff and I are finally getting along again, I just hope her parents will call soon, but the fact that they said they'd call is a miracle! :p Things r going way better, I've gotta improve on some stuff, she does too, but we should be good, let's hope in another 2 weeks we're not fighting again! :p

    Oh my gosh, that's awesome!!! U guys sound like ur a REALLY good band! ^_^ That's good that ur getting along better w/ur band people! Hopefully it'll be even more fun next year! ^_^ It's only once a year right, or r u guys gonna get back together next semester? HAHAHAHA, that's funny, yeah, my eyes can get REALLY big too! :p I'm easily amused as well! :p Glad u had fun though! ^_^ (continued...)
    Oh my gosh!!! It's SOOOOO good to have a VM from u! :p I know, we haven't talked off the club in a while! :p Everything is going pretty well with me! This week is probably the worst week of my semester, I had 2 tests on Tuesday, 2 papers due on Tuesday, and then tmw (Thursday) I have 3 5-6 page papers due for once class, I had to visit 3 historical sites and I have to get 2 articles for each and write about them, yay! :p I have the rest of my regular hw too, so I'm kinda freaked out, I gotta go to work in a couple hrs, yeah, stress! :p Other than that though, it's been pretty good! ^_^

    Phone guy and I are probably gonna get together soon. We had the best hug ever last night! They're getting WAY longer! :p I know, I'm getting excited over a hug! :p We stay up talking all night and I'm really falling for him, I like him a lot! :p My guess is by the end of the year we'll be a couple, maybe sooner! :p I'm sure next time I'll talk to u I'll have more of an update! :p (continued...)
    Oh that really sux, I sorry! :( Well, I'm glad things are going better, but I hate when guys r like that, yeah, seriously, I wish I could do something to those scum bags! :p Hope things turn out alright though! ^_^

    Yeah, things r going better b/w me and my bff, the only problem now is that our parents still haven't resolved everything and we barely get to see each other, but all that matters is that we're good! ^_^

    Oh man, I'm so sorry about that! Well, I got ur other post and it sounds like they broke up, so hopefully things will have worked out for the best! Yeah, relationships can be very dangerous at times, if ur ever worried again, I would just tell her and if she's a true friend, she'll be grateful and take it into consideration! ^_^ Sounds like ur judgement was right! :p

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! That would be highly amusing! :p Yeah, I just hope things get better for them, but I can't do anything about it, I've decided not to get in the middle of things again! :p

    Wow, sounds very crazy! :p Awwwww, that's horrible! I remember in high school my bff and I would joke about saying "Crucio" to teachers we didn't like! :p Hahahaha, very weird members! Oh wow, you saw that? Sorry about that! :p Did u actually see it or just see like the imprint when u see pictures of the men modeling their boxers! :p

    Yeah, it does add to the load, but it's not TOO bad! :p Hahahaha, yeah, I absolutely love it! The guys are pretty cool! The guy I like is leaving though! :( There's this guy in the other store who always flirts with me when he calls our store, and I really like him, but I've never met him! :p I'll have to see if he's cute and if he is, I'll go after him! :p Yeah, but I'm sad, my boss is in Vegas with our assistant manager for the conference! I miss him! :p He's so cool! :p

    lol, yeah, I figured that out right after I posted that comment! :p Yeah, don't worry, u'll always be a co-owner! ^_^ It's okay, I'm gonna have to post slightly less too! :( U'll see why if u read my post.

    Wow, that sounds like a very complicated story! Just to get this straight, this isn't the same guy that u were complaining about earlier, right, this is a different guy? Well, maybe he's shy and he likes u! :p Yeah, I have a hard time talking to people period if I don't know them! :p Hmmmm, well, do u like him a lot? If so, I would just keep talking to him and see how things go! :p Be friends first for sure though! :p I'm the sort of girl who can't have a guy for a friend w/o me liking him, it sux! I think I'm getting past that stage though w/some of the guys @ work though! :p I seriously have liked all of the guys who work there except for one of them! :p Good luck with that situation though! ^_^

    I know, u haven't been on in a while, so ur free to type as much as u want, but u always are! :p Yeah, things r going pretty well, school and work are good, I have to finish my english hw before I go to work today, but I got the rest done yesterday! ^_^ I don't feel like doing it right now which is the bad part! :p Okay, I gotta get going, so ttyl! ^_^

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