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  • Yeah, that's true, it's just, I hate not having things resolved, like there was this girl who bullied me in 4th grade really badly and I just want to say I'm sorry, lol, it's not even my fault! But just that we didn't get along, I want to reconcile, lol!!! Yeah, I'm debating whether to ever talk to him again. Hahaha, yeah, and that guy that I like, I went into the backroom the other day, and he was holding his shirt over him cuz it was off and I was like, um, sorry! and he's like, I was just kidding! :p He was changing his shirt, but he had this undershirt on underneath. but he didn't care! :p And then he's like, what, it's not like you've never seen a guy take off his shirt before, and I'm like, actually, I haven't, and he's like, you need to get in on the action! :p HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Yeah, I will cut back cuz I'm not 100% sure about if he likes me, but definitely we're gonna be homies! XP

    lol, yeah, I have a feeling it's gonna be a while cuz now it seems like we're falling apart, I just feel so far away from her right now, but if our friendship is a true friendship, then it will last. Don't worry, there's nothing u can do, but thank you so much for all that you've done! ^_^

    Yeah, I'm worried, I just don't want anything bad to happen again, I hope they can be functional.

    LOL!!! Yeah, of course there's gonna be something with all u crazy people! :p

    Yeah, school is good so far, but SOOOOO long! I'm gonna be dead this semester! And I just found out I have to take a lab for my astronomy class, but I'm doing that online, but still, it's gonna be SOOOOO much work!!! Hahahaha, yes, I seriously just love my job, if I could hug it, I would! XP

    Awwww, well, that's alright, I completely understand! ^_^ I've been known to disappear for a couple weeks! :p What are VM's, sorry! :( HAHAHAHA!!! Nah, u'll always be a co-owner! ^_^ Once a co-owner, always a co-owner, unless u request not to be one anymore, which I would be devistated if u did that! :( It's alright, yeah, I basically just open applications when I see that the co-owners aren't on anymore, I'll probably open applications in a few months anyway just cuz most of the old ones aren't even on here anymore! :p Have fun on ur time off! ^_^


    P.S. I would tell u about my experience at America's Got Talent, but I'm gonna post it on the club, so I'm a lazy bum! :p TTYL!
    lol, it's alright, don't worry about it! ^_^ lol, yeah, I've had some problems before too when I've written u messages, so I totally get it! ^_^

    Yeah, me too! I just feel bad cuz we just stopped talking abruptly, no, "I'm never gonna talk to u again!" thing, so maybe in a week or so I'll text him, but I don't really want him in my life. LOL!!! Yeah, very true! :p lol, yeah, I had a talk with my wise ex online bf and he has helped me see that I need to stop going after boys like that, cuz the last 3 months I seem to have had a "boy of the month" lol! I'll see how things go with this guy, but I'll cut way back on the flirting! :p

    lol, yeah, things are still not good, but I just hope eventually things will get completely better. I dunno what to do. And then we keep on having problems with our friendship, I'd just like the have a peaceful and happy friendship! ^_^

    lol, yeah, definitely, I'll just read it off someone! :p

    Yeah, I'm glad too! ^_^ I think I'll feel more complete with more people in my life, and I won't feel as guilty for not being as good friends as I should with the other good friends I have in my life! ^_^ Yeah, seriously, she and her mom are both mental cases, I feel sorry for her, seriously, she has so many problems and she doesn't realize it, she's socially retarded, she thinks she's ready for the world, but she's in for a BIG shock!!! Eh, but whatever, yeah, that's just what happened.

    Well, I'm glad everyone is okay! ^_^ Wow, that's good that no one needed stitches! ^_^ I guess that's an improvement! :p

    Alright, well, I started school today and MAN!!! It is a PACKED schedule that I have!!! I have 4 classes all in a row on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8 AM - 1:45 PM! And then on Tuesdays I have a class from 4:20-6:50! Luckily, she gives us a little break during the class, or I would die! I just hope I can handle everything! I'm so excited to go to work tmw, I'm already going into withdrawal after not working for a day and going to school, I think I'm addicted to my job! :p Alright, well, I gotta go, ttyl! ^_^

    lol, yeah, he hasn't talked to me and he's taken me off of his top friends on MySpace, so yay! ^_^ I'm really happy w/o him, so that's good! :p lol, seriously, until I got this job at GameStop, I had NO confidence w/guys, but working there has changed everything! :p Yeah, the co-worker who I like is flirting back w/me, so things r going well! :p

    lol, yeah, talking to her would be best. Maybe by the time she and her family get back from vacation they'll be willing to talk, but I dunno! Yeah, I just hope things will get better soon! ^_^ I'm not too worried right now, but if things keep going on, I'll be like, okay, this is just too much! :p

    lol yeah, it's probably a die hard fan's guide to it. Like the Harry Potter encyclopedia! :p I'd totally get that! :p Twlight, eh, it's okay! :p No, one of my friends was complaining about Breaking Dawn saying how unrealistic it was that they had a baby cuz all the fluid is supposed to be gone when they turn into vampires, u know, no blood, u get the idea! :p I totally knew they were gonna have a baby, even though they weren't supposed to be able to have one, but yeah, totally unrealistic! :p

    Yeah, I think I'm gonna start trying to branch out right now. I'm gonna make better friends with the friends that I have and then at church and school I'll start making friends. Yeah, I basically have no other good friends outside of her, so it's kinda scary, I just realized that, so there's 2 other really good friends I have, and I need to make my relationship with them better. I just won't say anything, cuz I think she's realized that for herself, so it's just one of those things that we understand w/o words! :p lol, yeah, I had this one best friend, I just called her that cuz I didn't have a best friend, and she annoyed me from day one, and finally we're not friends anymore cuz of some whole situation with her moving and it was supposed to be a secret, but word got out cuz she's so bigmouthed she'd talk about it, but she thinks my mom said something, so her mom probably said something and she stopped talking to me, but I was actually happy about that! :p

    Wow, that sounds cool! ^_^ LOL!!!!! Sounds very confusing and dangerous! :p Oh my gosh, wow that sounds pretty bad! :( Hope u guys r okay! ^_^ Yeah, it sounds pretty insane, but so much fun! :p Glad u had a good time, but man, sounds like it could have been deadly! :p How do fried oreos taste? They're unhealthy enough as they are! :p Alright, ttyl! ^_^

    Yeah, I've been talking to my bff about my ex and basically, one day he's happy and the next day he's sad, or if I even mention a guy or something, he goes crazy, seriously, he's wallowing in his own self-pity, and it's just getting annoying, he's trying to get me to feel bad, I did at first, but not anymore. I'm gonna tell him we just need a complete break and when he gets over me or he can deal with his feelings, then talk to me if he still wants to, but I'm not gonna put up with this anymore. He came into work yesterday and he basically said something that only I would get that would try to make me feel bad, but I didn't care, he's REALLY immature right now! Yeah, I think I'm gonna start flirting more with the guy I like! :p I don't want to get involved with him, but flirting is always fun! :p

    Yeah, now my parents are upset, cuz they think my bff needs help, and her family needs psychological treatment too, but they're not gonna get it and they said that I should say, I'm not gonna talk to u until u get the treatment. I see their point, but she and her family seem fine right now, so I wish they'd just give it a break! I don't want anything bad to happen to her, and they say I'm being a bad friend, and it's so confusing. I just wish my parents would butt out of it. I've learned never to get them involved in any of my problems, they just make it more complicated! :p

    Um, I'm really not sure. It's basically a fan's guide to the Twilight Saga. I'll just read my sister's cuz I'm sure she'll get it! :p

    lol, yeah! I think another thing we need to do is get more friends. Seriously, if I didn't have her, I really wouldn't have any friends, I have some friends who I call friends, but we barely talk. My aunt told me we were too co-dependent, and while I didn't want to hear it, it's true. We can still be best friends, but I think we should try to make other friends, that would make things more fun. I dunno how to approach her about the idea. My dad basically told me the same thing too. I think what I should do is just try to make friends and become better friends with the friends I already have. I think we'll just let things work themselves out that way. Maybe that's part of the problem we've been having. Yeah, seriously, I dunno why, but I have an easier time talking to people online and making friends with them than in real life! :p

    It's okay, don't worry about it! :p It sounds like u've been having fun, so that's good! ^_^ Yeah, I was trying to reply to u yesterday, but my mom turned off the Internet! Okay, take care, I gotta do some accounting for my mom! :p

    Yeah, I'm completely over him now. The only problem is, I like another guy @ work! :p I actually like all of the guys at work, but just w/in the last couple days, I'm really crushing on him! I don't want to get in a relationship though cuz I know he's a player! :p I also think the guys like me too, kinda creepy! Especially since one of them has a gf! :p

    Yeah, now basically, my parents are getting in the way, she's not letting me have a normal friendship. I'm 18!!! I just hope that things get better REALLY soon, cuz I dunno how much more of this I can take! My bff and I are fine though, we're just not allowed to hang out as we'd like. :(

    lol, yeah, that's VERY true! :p Yeah, I'm sure she will eventually. Hahahaha!!! Yeah, the non-existant sequel! :p Maybe it'll be in that book that Stephenie Meyer is gonna have come out this December! :p R u gonna get it? I don't think I will.

    Yeah, we did that too, and then we'd just watch TV and not even talk! :p Yeah, we're making an effort to do stuff! :p Yeah, seriously, I don't have a lot of friends that I've known for a long time cuz of moving and losing contact and stuff, but some of my friends online I've know for longer than I've know some of the people IRL! Like my ex online bf! I've known him for longer than I've known my bff! And we're still really close friends! ^_^ I met him through Serebii! :p Alright, gotta get going, ttyl! ^_^

    Yeah, I think things will get better b/w us soon. It's hard cuz he's still not over me, he probably won't be for a very long time. And then all this stuff and yeah! :p

    Thanks so much! ^_^ Yeah, finally, it seems like we're able to talk to each other w/o much anger or whatever. I'll have to see what happens when we go swimming later today. I think we're over it mostly, but the whole thing with our parents is still hanging over our heads, so that's another thing to worry about. Not fun. :(

    lol, oh okay! Yeah, I read Twilight when one of my friends gave it to me for my b-day last year, and then a couple months ago I decided to read New Moon and Eclipse before the 4th one came out! :p Yeah, seriously, I thought that it was gonna be Jacob and Leah too! I'm still not sure if Leah had feelings for him or not. But I thought it was interesting and kinda cool cuz if Jacob couldn't have Bella, he could have the next best thing to Bella! :p Crazy! I thought it was cute though, and finally he and Edward can get along, unless Edward is being the protective father! :p No more Jacob/Bella romantic tension! :p That's good! ^_^

    lol, yeah, I know earlier, we were both bored and I got jealous cuz when she spent time with her other friends, they did fun stuff, but when we hung out, we were just bored. We decided we needed to spend quality time w/each other instead of just time w/each other. Yeah, I have made SOOOO many friends online over the years! It's always sad when u lose contact with ones that u loved to talk with, but it happens. It's always great to have people come back! Yeah, I feel like I can tell the people online anything and be more open cuz they aren't judging me like they would if they knew me IRL! It's pretty cool that way! ^_^ Alright, ttyl! ^_^

    Yeah, I know, it's a BIG mess! :p I'm gonna talk to him and basically I'm gonna keep him out of what's going on with my bff since that seems to be a major problem. Yeah, I just hope everyone gets over it.

    Thanks so much for ur comforting words! ^_^ Yeah, we went swimming this morning, and we argued a bit and now we're texting. It's kinda rough. Things seem to be getting better and then they get a little worse, little better, little worse. At least I think we're on the road to recovery though! We just gotta sort out the problems with our parents, that is NOT gonna be easy or fun! :( I'm thinking that the sun is just around the corner though! ^_^

    lol, wow, rereading it! I haven't even done that with the last 2 Harry Potter books! Which reminds me, I need to get back onto my goal of rereading the series! :p I know, she sounds ABSOLUTELY adorable! ^_^ Alright, just start off the discussion and I'll follow! :p I have the feeling ur more of a Twilight fan than I am! :p

    Yeah, we'll just see how everything goes. I think if this ever happens again, I should help out where I can, and then learn to just step back and give her her space, cuz that would make things easier on the both of us I think. No prob, yeah, I find that I'm closer to my online friends that I am to most people I know IRL! :p I think talking online is more personal in a way, I dunno! :p Thanks so much, I'll ttyl! ^_^

    Yeah, now I've just decided to go around my parents and he doesn't have to do that anymore, but I'll explain what's going on below, lol! Yeah, but now he's in a bad situation cuz I think I'm hurting him by putting him through this and he doesn't feel appreciated. Bad me.

    Yeah, the situation completely sux right now cuz I'm talking to her again, and now she's really upset at me. I dunno what I did wrong! So, now we're having ANOTHER argument, and I'm so sick of them! We gotta fix this though! It's a lot to deal with though, but I know we'll fix it soon.

    I finished the book! ^_^ Finally, a week later! :p Yeah, I've just been INCREDIBLY busy this week and lacked the time to read it! :p So, we can have an open discussion now, what did u think? Yeah, I thought it was pretty cool to read it from Jacob's POV! I dunno if there will be a sequel, but apparently there's some guide! :p

    Yeah, I totally agree, I just wish there was peace!!! I think basically, what's going on is my bff is going through the same thing that I went through last year when I started college. I had to deal with this whole independence struggle from my parents, and then being away from her cuz we went to different schools, and adjusting to a new life, it was hard! I had a really rough time, except we're both dealing with it in different ways. Basically, I bottled everything in and then exploded a few times, mainly at my parents though. The trouble started in April when I felt so far away from her cuz of all of those senior events, and then I exploded at her then and then the next month. Then when I got a job and a bf, she exploded at me cuz she felt like I did, except that she felt that I was getting away from her instead of me. Now it's just a whole big mess with how she dealt with her problems, a lot of misunderstanding. I think once she gets past the first semester and adjusts and learns to deal with her stress better, things will get better. The only problem is that her major requires so many math and science classes, so she'll never have an easy time with college. Thanks so much! Yeah, basically, I messed a bunch of stuff up, so did she, and we both need to fix it. I just want peace! :p Alright, thanks so much for taking all this stuff in, ur such a big help you have NOOOOO idea! ^_^ Alright, ttyl!

    Yeah, I'm just being a pain in the butt right now cuz he's basically the middleman b/w me and my bff, so he's giving both of us updates on how the other one is doing and that can't be that great. I just hope he'll get better.

    Yeah, I know, it really sux!!! We haven't talked to each other for 3 days and I'm about to cry!!! I just texted her today cuz I can't take it anymore, and I know she's there, but she hasn't responded, she responded to my ex though. I dunno if she's doing it just to not get me in trouble, or if she's mad at me, I dunno right now, but hopefully I'll know soon cuz I can't take it anymore!!! :(

    Okay, yeah, I'm about halfway through!!! :p I'm gonna go read it after I check on the club! :p

    Yeah, I just hope it's REALLY soon! It will have been a week since we've seen each other tmw! :( My mom just cares about the family finances cuz she's afraid that her parents will sue me and blame me if something else happens. She doesn't even care about how we feel! :( Oh well! I'll ttyl, thanks for listening to all my crap! ^_^ Things will get better soon! ^_^

    lol, yeah, we're just friends now, but he seems to have a hard time dealing with it, so I dunno what's gonna end up happening. He just lost his best female friend too, so a really sucky time for him. Yeah, the guys haven't given me too much grief, I've worked with my manager mainly, and he won't bring it up unless I feel like it, so he's chill! :p

    Yeah, now we've just been forbidden to talk to each other by my parents. They want her parents to call them and tell them that they don't blame me because they're worried that they might blame me if anything else happens and then a lawsuit pursues, yeah, I just hope she'll be okay cuz I think talking to me is the only thing that's been keeping her going, so I just hope they'll call soon!!! We're both 18 & we're being treated like little kids that have to have their parents make the decisions for them! It really sucks right now! :(

    lol, alright, thanks for not saying anything! I don't think I'll finish it until I'm back from vacation, I'll be gone from the 5th-7th, I'll be reading it then, hopefully I'll finish it then, but I dunno how busy we're gonna be! :p

    Oh well, I just hope things get better while I'm gone, it's not going well right now, but the darkness always comes before the light! ^_^ Okay, ttyl! ^_^

    Wow!!! That's crazy!!! Nah, I need to start getting some more sleep, I feel drained and not the best.

    Yeah, it really sux! We're still friends, I just hope I don't end up hurting him any more. That's why I left it up to him if he wanted to be friends. Yeah, I'll get teased, but the guys are cool and I can deal with it! :p Yeah, I was thinking about it going on for a month, but I decided that would be wrong.

    Yeah, I mean, I know her parents, they're like my second parents! I know sometimes they act unreasonably, but that's just insane. They haven't dishoned her, I think that was the spur of the moment anger. But now they just stoped caring sorta I guess. I talked to my aunt and she really helped me. They don't know what to do and they're confused, so they're putting the blame on me, and hopefully they'll realize it's not my fault, it's not my best friend's fault, it's also their fault. Thanks so much, yeah, I'm definitely the more suicidal one of the two of us, but I've stopped feeling that way, it took a few years, but I'm better now! ^_^ Yeah, at least my best friend isn't mad at me, and she's stopped cutting, she's okay for now, but they all need family counseling. That's the only way it's gonna fix this cuz if it doesn't happen, it's just gonna get burried again like it always has, and it's gonna get worse. They've had problems like this, but never this bad. I don't want there to be a next time. Thanks so much for letting me vent, yeah, at least I feel better that she's okay, but her parents really aren't being good parents right now.

    lol!!! That's funny! Summer is my favorite season! ^_^ I complain about winter cuz it's so depressing when it gets dark or rains, yeah, we don't get snow here! :p It's pretty sunny in sunny SoCal! :p

    Okay, that's cool! Yeah, sometimes I just look on here once a day and don't do anything. Well, thank you very much for keeping ur membership in the BAGC! ^_^ Yeah, I never visit the other 2 clubs I'm in! :p I used to be in 8 and some sort of authority position in 3 of them! :p Those were when I was younger and more active! :p Alright, ttyl! ^_^

    lol, I shouldn't have, but my parents didn't know! :p Yeah, I have to wake up early too, I've been very sleep deprived lately.

    Thanks, but we just broke up, I know! :p Yeah, I dunno what happened, but I guess it was just a big crush. He's totally in love with me, but I don't even know how I feel about him anymore. Now I'm gonna get teased at work and everything! :p It's been a really crappy day!

    I'm sorry to burden you with more of my friend's problems, but now I don't know what to do. For the past 2 days she's been cutting. I didn't know what to do anymore, so I told my mom. I got advice from her and I told her dad what she was feeling. Basically she's really stressed out because she can't seem to make them happy and they don't understand. So, I find out that after I tell them this because I'm concerned for her and I've been bawling my eyes out all day because I feel so helpless, there's nothing I can do, I get a call from her. She tells me that her parents have dishoned her, well, maybe not completely, but she said they said she has to pay for everything now and they told her she was stupid and psycho, and I'm like, WHAT THE HECK?!? Aren't parents supposed to be loving and understanding and supportive? And then I find out that her mom blames me because I don't have the best relationship with my parents and I've mentioned cutting before and I guess she told her mom because she was scared for me. I would never do it though! So now I don't know what to do. I'm going to write her parents a letter. I honestly don't know why they would blame me, I've tried to be the best friend I could be to her. Her grandma saw me and she knew that something was going on and she was telling her that she's so lucky to have a best friend like me and she told me "God bless you". So, I dunno, it's so crazy, I don't know what's going on. I feel like I ruined everything when I was just trying to help, and now it's blown up in my face. It's like, what would you have done? I was so worried she wouldn't stop and I thought her parents needed to know! My mom told me I should tell them! I honestly don't understand how they reacted to her and to me in this way. I'm SOOOO sorry for burdening you with this, it's just, I'm really confused and overwhelmed right now.

    lol, yeah, I dunno what's been going on, I guess stress and everything, and plus I guess the heat of the summer slows down my appetite, but yeah.

    lol, it's alright, I've gone through my phases! :p Sorry about that, hope u'll regain ur interest soon! ^_^ Thank you for all that you've done for the club and for your wonderful enthusiasm! ^_^ Hopefully I'll talk to u soon! ^_^

    lol, yeah, I'm up at 2 AM right now cuz I feel bad for neglecting it, even though I should be sleeping! :p I have to be @ work @ 10 tmw! :p

    lol, well, the funny part is we met at GameStop about a month ago! :p He came back to the store 2 weeks ago to return a game he was renting and I had liked him since I first met him. We got talking and he said that he would let me borrow his Mario Kart since I wanted to play it! So, he came in last week, and he didn't bring it, but I drove to his house to pick it up! The next night, he texted me, and we decided we wanted to go out. So we went out on Saturday with my bff, that's why we had the big argument, cuz I really neglected her on the date, yeah... But everything is better now! ^_^ So we really clicked and I think we're gonna make it official tmw! He's the sweetest person ever!!! Seriously, at my b-day party with my friends, they're all like, oh my gosh, he's too cute, he's so sweet!!! :p Yeah, he loves me A LOT already, it's going a bit too fast, so we're gonna slow it down, but yeah, crazy!!!

    lol, well, I think it's better to eat something than not at all. I should be following that advice! :p

    Thanks so much!!! Yes, I thought ur singing was beautiful! ^_^ I'll have to give u some earplugs for the next time I sing! :p Alright, ttyl! ^_^


    P.S. I forgot to tell u, I thought u were this person, gladdecease (sp) cuz they have the same avatar as you, but I haven't spoken to them in ages! :p Nice new avatar though! ^_^
    lol, it's alright, don't worry about it! ^_^ I haven't been on here in a few days, so now it's my fault! :p

    lol, thanks, yeah, I've almost got a boyfriend right now and I've told my mom, but I'm scared to how my dad is gonna react! I'm daddy's little girl!

    lol, sorry about that! I don't really eat breakfast anymore, I should, but I never feel up to it w/my stomach, maybe I'm getting too old! :p

    Woot, I'm 18 now!!! I finally get on 2 days after my b-day! :p I'll ttyl! ^_^

    Ah that sucks. I'm always the latest to arrive and the last person to leave haha. You have to run laps in band? Now that is messed up haha. Get on the chat Lynn!
    Ah that sucks. Well at least there'll be a party eh? There's no such thing as last minute for me haha. If I find out 5 minutes before the party, I'll be there! It's not like I'll be on time though haha :p I'm usually the last one there haha. I take fashionably late to a whole new level ;)
    Haha Gary's cool though! Glaceon is an AWESOME Eeveelution Lynn! It's like one of my favourites. I'm getting really into the show again. I love it :D Hey get on the SPC Chat.
    Haha Misty rocks, but May is the best one out of the lot :D May rocks though, I can't believe she got you out of the show. She even had an Eevee! You like Eevee's don't you? :p
    And Dawn... I like what she wears ;)
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