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  • Hey, man. I've been sort of away from the forums, so I must ask you: what is this trend of wanting Serena to get hurt?
    Niceee. I have a feeling you'll be one of those members who's like the most well informed. You should write a fanfic though. If you like analytic thinking then you should use that in order to write a fanfic.
    Hey there! thanks for accepting my FR.
    Love reading your posts btw. Especially the one where you made the Amour scale :p
    And you're doing a fantastic job with that! :D

    LOL it would make sense that a fire type is smoking. Clearly Fennekin is running a criminal syndicate. xD
    Hey there! Thanks for the FR!

    I must commend you for your contributions to the Amour thread thus far. With your very logical posts, which are a real pleasure to read, you are sure to go far. [And bring some much needed sense back into the thread xP]

    Nice avatar btw. :p
    I am the same way. I am a logical person, and for some reason, I cannot do any thing with fictional characters. And same with gauging acting, unless it is really bad, I can't see the difference. I guess we just live in the real world a little to much to understand it properly LOL.
    Hey, I hope you are finding accommodations acceptable with the Amour shipping thread. Your posts are exceptional in quality and I would like to say again how well articulated you are when it comes to sentence and post structure. You also seem to be very realistic based on your posts thus far. Keep up the good work!!

    And thanks for the compliment on my previous avatar.
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