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    And you're not tired yet!?
    You're asking a guy that would take Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Rush over Super Mario Galaxy this question.

    I have like 80 or so done, so that's a fifth of the way there, lol.
    Beware the cat.

    No, not maybe. Do it now. >(

    If I did do terribly, at least I have many quizzes and three more tests to make up for it. It's an online class, after all.

    If you need help with algebra, I could help you out. I've been taking it since 7th grade, so I know my way around it XD

    Go ahead and join in there while you're name searching. The club needs a revival. XP

    I finished a Wesern Civilization test this afternoon, a week after the due date, so I'm feeling down about it. Good thing it was on an online class - aka, multiple choice questions, T/F questions, and an hour time limit to do them all.
    Well, I took Atoyont's Bowser on for some matches, and won the majority, but the lag really got in the way during his recovery, so I wouldn't count it...

    I guess we'll just have to wait and see? XD
    Well, it happens frequently, and it usually gets rectified after about an hour. I wouldn't worry too much about it.

    Atoyont and Kofu are the same person, by the way, in case you didn't know.

    And I really wanted to take on Lucario with my Ivysaur....I just now got back into my PT craze, and have been well with him considering I had about a 4-month hiatus from him...
    Woah, holy crap. Didn't know you went on here too. Is my name way too obvious? XD

    Nintendo WFC is garbage right now, so we'll have to Brawl later though.
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