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Last Activity:
Jan 31, 2015
Apr 13, 2008
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i dunno, u?
I do all dat stoof

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Bring on the Shamwow, from i dunno, u?

Mewthreehundredandfour was last seen:
Jan 31, 2015
    1. Tri hawk
      Tri hawk
      Do our creatures evolve?
    2. Tri hawk
      Tri hawk
      Wait... Almost gracefully? There is nothing of higher grace than the eso-phagus!
    3. Tri hawk
      Tri hawk

      ...Now what?
    4. Tri hawk
      Tri hawk
      Really? Huh, it used to be.

    5. Tri hawk
      Tri hawk
      Looks good on the thread. Some slight changes though:

      Its appearance is similar to that of a kelp. With the body shape of a flat slug.

      It doesn't flap to fly, it slithers through the air. Describe it like you said earlier. An Eso-Phagus flew by, its guts flapping gracefully in the solar winds. - That's gold.

      Use "guts", not "organs".

      "Vomit", not "Saliva".

      Muahahahhaa, I'm looking forward to tomorrow.
    6. Tri hawk
      Tri hawk
      Excellent. I give you my permission to post my name on the forums.
    7. Tri hawk
      Tri hawk
      Haha, it's even funnier when recited!
    8. Tri hawk
      Tri hawk
      Not necessarily. We burned one at scout camp, remember? And I convinced Andrew to believe it was real... Which it is! (At least, now it is) *shudders*
    9. Tri hawk
      Tri hawk
      I say the less we know of the eso-phagus's ways, the better.
    10. Tri hawk
      Tri hawk
      It pukes on it's victims, and absorbs the sweet liquidated organs. It has a taste for brains.

      The eso-phagus is so strong it can fly on a bed of it's own guts.
    11. Tri hawk
      Tri hawk
      Well... This is catchy.


      Nope, but I don't have a membership. It expired three days ago.

      Name- Eso-phagus
      Diet/Digestive System- Puke
      Intelligence Level- Clam
      Method of Flight- Um, it can slime around. Leave flying to the pliffows.
      Bone Structure- In eso-phagus, structure bones you!
      Languistics- A series of clicks and flatulence.

      what are these core and lightning levels?
    12. Mewthreehundredandfour
      Nah, wasn't all that good...

      Alright, here's the form.... You gunna make an eso-phagus beast?!

      Lolz... Did you swear or lose your Java again?

      Diet/Digestive System-
      Intelligence Level-
      Method of Flight-
      Bone Structure-


      1. Nothing can be more advanced than humans today, maybe like Dark Ages-moving into the Medival Ages.
      2. All races must live between the Core and Lightning-Level.
      3. All races must be zany!
    13. Tri hawk
      Tri hawk
      Wood sticks?

      Very well, I shall continue the legend of the eso-phagus!

      I'll be able to get back on the forums tomorrow. Can you send me the form for making my species?
    14. Tri hawk
      Tri hawk
      I see. So this will play a bit like the game Spore? When are you starting it up?

      Bah! This is real entertainment.
    15. Tri hawk
      Tri hawk
      Ah, so this role-play is your idea, eh?

      Nah, the DP rap actually grew on me.
    16. Tri hawk
      Tri hawk
      Yes, I shall give the rp a shot! As soon as I can get back on the forums. What is your species?

      Rate me thumbs up. It must be said!
    17. Tri hawk
      Tri hawk
      I can not get over how horrific the Pokemon Battle Dimensions them song is. What enrages me further is that a good amount of people think it's the best yet. BAAAAAHH!!!

      If there's one thing 4kids did right with Pokemon, it's theme songs.
    18. Tri hawk
      Tri hawk
      Bah, it's only the Catholic relgion. And it's mandatory for two years.
    19. Tri hawk
      Tri hawk
      Bwahahahaa! Too funny.

      Bah, I fooled myself again!

      Religion exams are fun-tastic...
    20. Tri hawk
      Tri hawk
      Whoops, I suppose so. Anywho, which of those Pokemon are decent?

      I shall take a look, see!
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    i dunno, u?
    I do all dat stoof
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