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Recent content by Mewtwo's Guardian Demon

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    The Legendary Alliance

    Ever do anything weird/funny/etc. with your Legendaries? Every time that in my PMD game when my Mewtwo did not KO an enemy in a single shot, he got the butt end of getting Bonemerang'd by my Marowak. I am not sure of any more sillies for now. I have an idiot in the house whose priorities are...
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    The Mini-Games

    I love the mini games for both Stadium games. They are fun! My favourite is Snore Wars. Others cannot do it as well as me. X3 ~MGD. ;150;
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    Aura bow

    Mine is the exact same as martianman40's. The Cobalt Bow. ~MGD. ;150;
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    How lucky are YOU with legendary recruits?

    I am pretty lucky for mine so far: Giratina: 1 try Mew: 1 try Groudon: 1 try Rayquaza: 1 try Heatran: 1 try Mewtwo: Around 5-9 tries. Stubborn, but worth it. :3 I am on attempt of a second try with Kyogre, but not right now, though. I'll try different Legendaries at a later time. (Final Maze...
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    The Legendary Alliance

    Which of the four elements do you think your legendary likes most? More than likely, Fire. Because Mewtwo went through a lot of that in his life so far... ~MGD. ;150;
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    The Feline Pokémon Club

    Do you like the Legend of Zelda Series? If you have any games, what are they, and do you/did you like them? Sure do. I have a good number of those games (too lazy to post them all), but I have beaten Minish Cap and Ocarina of Time. Concerning Ocarina of Time, that I have everything done before...
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    SPPF's Vending Machine, Coolest forum game ever...

    *You receive free Japanese anime music inserted into your iPod!!* *inserts a Ring (from the Sonic games)* Inventory: Canadian Bacon (yum!) Super Goomba (Gnarly!!) A stone (huh!?) Koopa Shell (That's pretty sweet!)
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    How Many Hours Have You Played On PMD2?

    About 130 hours for me. Lots of missions and rescues. :3 ~MGD. ;150;
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    Mystery Dungeon 2 Recent Happenings Thread ~ READ FIRST POST

    My recent stuff is just to take a bunch of "???" reward missions. Sadly, since I do not have Wi-Fi, I guess that I will not get Celebi. *shrugs* Unless there is a way. But nope. *anime sweat drop* Oh well. ~MGD. ;150;
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    SPPF's Vending Machine, Coolest forum game ever...

    You get a Snorlax with bad gas! *inserts a Pokémon TCG game coin* Inventory: Canadian Bacon (yummy!) Super Goomba (Cool!!) A stone (what!?)
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    The Legendary Alliance

    Did your favourite Legendary change over time? No. Mewtwo's been my favourite and he always will. The first glance of him (commercial of Pokémon: The First Movie [Mewtwo Strikes Back]), and I am hooked. Very loyal to Mewtwo ever since. ~MGD. ;150;
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    The Feline Pokémon Club

    Well, earlier, in my PND 2 game, I recruited a Level 1 Male Luxio named Lou, a Level 1 Male Luxray named Shadow, and a Level 1 Female Shinx (hatched) named Sparkles. Nice, eh? :) What's next? Meowth? Persian? (I have a Mew already. Named Monica. And of course, the Mewtwo named Sephiroth.)...
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    SPPF's Vending Machine, Coolest forum game ever...

    You get a wrecked car! *inserts a Smash Coin* Inventory: Canadian Bacon (yay!) Super Goomba (a pet? Cool!!)
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    Who is the strongest 1st Gen Pokemon?

    Mewtwo, of course. In Pokémon Stadium, that my Mewtwo was Level 75, and I was facing a Level 100 Mew from a different Trainer in the game. (Prime Cup Final. Not sure if it was R1 or R2 though.) Anyway, my Mewtwo was faster than the Mew. But the Mew used Thunder Wave. Despite all that, my Mewtwo...
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    You ever do anything really stupid?

    In PMD Blue, I assumed that the move Bonemerang passes over the ally and hits the enemy. WRONG! I (as a Cubone) used Bonemerang when my partner Kane (Charmander) was in front of me! The First bone whacked Kane and OHKO'ed him!! I was cursing when that happened. Another time, in the same game, I...