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Mar 24, 2012
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Dream World breeder, Female

    1. Monk3yBu11
      Its okay, and your welcome. if you ever need to trade anything else just let me know
    2. Monk3yBu11
      So am I, I'll start up me game
    3. Monk3yBu11
      Just checking
    4. Monk3yBu11
      Umm, I'll try to get on tonight at around 11:00 and if I'm still up I'll continue to check back regularly
    5. Monk3yBu11
      okay just tell me when you are available and your time zone. im central. im heading off to bed in a few minutes so if I dont reply tonight I'll gt back to you in the morning
    6. Monk3yBu11
      Its just a lend so I really don't need anything and to be honest I'm in the middle of a short pokemon xy break and im SR on pokemon emerald trying to get a shiney rayquaza. My FC is 2294-4293-5312, if you need anymore pokemon for dex entry let me know, I keep one of every pokemon on my system, a habit I picked up from pokemon black when I was trading with people.
    7. Monk3yBu11
      Hey mezzy, your post that you are looking for a manaphy showed up in my feed and I thought I would let you know that I have one I could lend you for dex entry.
    8. Monk3yBu11
      XD thanks, I guess I just git a little anxious. it was my first time ever trying to breed 6IV and I really thought I had messed something up. lol
    9. Monk3yBu11
      Finally! I was able to get two 6iv miltanks. thank you so much. I would of never thought to use a torus to help.
    10. Monk3yBu11
      Okay, about three weeks ago I managed to get a five 32 IV spreed on several miltanks after a few hours of breeding...I have breed over 400 miltanks since then and the highest IV spreed I have seen is still 5. Do you have any more advice to get a six IV miltank?
      Right now I am using a 31 IV miltank with a spreed of five IVs that are perfect and a 31 IV male evee with a spreed of five perfect IVs that fills in those of the miltank.
    11. Monk3yBu11
      That's very nice of you and I might take you up on the offer eventually but I really want to learn how to do this so I think I'll just keep re-breeding and catching for now. thanks for the help . hugs and skittles
    12. Monk3yBu11
      Okay. well I have a fallow up question. My end goal is to get a 6iv milltank (My favorite Pokemon) and the most perfect Ivs I've been able to get is one (and I have like 21 with the same perfect Iv.) do you have any tips to make that number go up besides rebreeding?
    13. Monk3yBu11
      Do you have any tips on getting a ditto with perfect IVs?
    14. Monk3yBu11
      Oh! well. I did not know that. thanks for helping out. sorry for bothering you but I'll just try to catch one meself. Hugs and skittles
    15. Monk3yBu11
      Wait. can you can catch them in X and Y?
    16. Monk3yBu11
      I have a question. I don't mean to bother you but I was wondering if you happened to have a milltank in a pokeball? I have been looking for one forever and I've had no such luck :(
    17. NarutoSharingan
      Liue? But anyway thanks mezzy i'll get next week because i have things to do and my mother is making me mad
    18. NarutoSharingan
      Ok then ill take thanks for helping me
    19. NarutoSharingan
      A pikachu with volt tackle and 6ivs
    20. NarutoSharingan
      I need a pokemon mezzy can you help
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    Favourite Pokémon:
    • Services
    - Pokérus
    - Hidden Abilities & Dream Ball Pokémon- Egg Moves
    - Free Starters!
    - Natures
    - Evolution Help
    - 4/5 perfect IVS
    - Hidden Power (not with optimal IVs)
    Available IV combinations:
    - EV Training
    - Battle Ready Pokémon (EV trained, complete moveset)
    - Contest Ready Pokémon (Max Contest Stat, complete moveset)

    • Will NOT Do
    - Shiny Pokémon
    - 6 Perfect IVs

    • Order Format
    ♂/♀ Species (Ability) | Poké Ball
    IVs: HP/Atk/Def/Sp. Atk/Sp. Def/Spe
    - Move 1 (Only applicable if you want egg moves or battle ready Pokémon)
    - Move 2
    - Move 3
    - Move 4
    Sp. Atk
    Sp. Def

    • Example
    ♀ Raichu (Lightning Rod) Dream Ball
    - Nasty Plot
    - Thunder Bolt
    - Grass Knot
    - Encore
    252 - Sp. Atk
    252 - Spe
    4 - HP