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  • okay just tell me when you are available and your time zone. im central. im heading off to bed in a few minutes so if I dont reply tonight I'll gt back to you in the morning
    Its just a lend so I really don't need anything and to be honest I'm in the middle of a short pokemon xy break and im SR on pokemon emerald trying to get a shiney rayquaza. My FC is 2294-4293-5312, if you need anymore pokemon for dex entry let me know, I keep one of every pokemon on my system, a habit I picked up from pokemon black when I was trading with people.
    Hey mezzy, your post that you are looking for a manaphy showed up in my feed and I thought I would let you know that I have one I could lend you for dex entry.
    XD thanks, I guess I just git a little anxious. it was my first time ever trying to breed 6IV and I really thought I had messed something up. lol
    Finally! I was able to get two 6iv miltanks. thank you so much. I would of never thought to use a torus to help.
    Okay, about three weeks ago I managed to get a five 32 IV spreed on several miltanks after a few hours of breeding...I have breed over 400 miltanks since then and the highest IV spreed I have seen is still 5. Do you have any more advice to get a six IV miltank?
    Right now I am using a 31 IV miltank with a spreed of five IVs that are perfect and a 31 IV male evee with a spreed of five perfect IVs that fills in those of the miltank.
    That's very nice of you and I might take you up on the offer eventually but I really want to learn how to do this so I think I'll just keep re-breeding and catching for now. thanks for the help . hugs and skittles
    Okay. well I have a fallow up question. My end goal is to get a 6iv milltank (My favorite Pokemon) and the most perfect Ivs I've been able to get is one (and I have like 21 with the same perfect Iv.) do you have any tips to make that number go up besides rebreeding?
    Oh! well. I did not know that. thanks for helping out. sorry for bothering you but I'll just try to catch one meself. Hugs and skittles
    I have a question. I don't mean to bother you but I was wondering if you happened to have a milltank in a pokeball? I have been looking for one forever and I've had no such luck :(
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