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  • I have no idea what's going on, or how to breathe, or how to have a social life, or how to do anything, really.

    It’s pretty damn insane if I’m honest, but go past the absolutely crazy concept that made even me skeptical and you’ve got yourself quite a deep sci-fi/horror story masked behind a comedy dating sim. Oh yeah and all the characters except the MC are birds nothing too big there-
    That’s pretty cool! I haven’t been keeping up with the anime (around SM40 onwards began putting me off with all the pacing and I just don’t think filler is my kind of thing), but that sounds pretty neat!

    Also, just out of curiosity, have you ever heard of Hatoful Boyfriend? (If you haven’t, it’s both much weirder and somehow much more amazing than it sounds, trust me.) I’ve been thinking of writing a fanfic for it and so I was just wondering.
    YES. The updates gonna start at the weekend (which may I add, is literally just after my birthday) and I can’t wait! The interface might be a little different, but that should be about it. The notifications system is also being updated a little.
    Hey, who knows? You might win.

    Yep, I’m back to it just before we change forums systems and get CUSTOM AVATARS. I’m just using this one until then as it’s been just about my favourite avatar I’ve used over my one-and-a-half years here.
    Heyoooo! Just VMing to say that the Shipping Oscars 2017 are up and as per regulation there every story has been nominated, so that includes your very own Detective Yvonne!
    I'm glad people here do seem to like cute things.

    Liking things that are meant to be wholesome and sweet shouldn't be a bad thing. Ever.

    Liking someone of the same sex should be seen as okay too.


    Shouldn't be seen as or actually be something of evil in the end.

    If i have to live in a world filled with hate, and devoid of all love in my heart, i'd rather just give up all of it.


    Hey! I know it’s been a while, but I did an art trade on instagram a couple of days ago and the drawing I had to do was a Boku no Hero Academia one, and I know you like it, so do you want me to send it to you? It’s not up on the gallery just yet since I only want to upload it once it’s up on Instagram too.

    Don't get offended over my KH post, please.

    I don't think ALL kh fans are sociopaths; just most of the ones i've met on KH13 were....

    So it is hard for me to like those games over them, but if i have friends on here who also like them, i do try to accept it.

    Just want you to know :)
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