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Recent content by mia197

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    Why wouldn't Pokemon Adventures make a good animated series?

    Although I'm not a big fan of the masked man, I do not think there is need to cut him off. Perhaps e take a little more freedom towards his motives. Although the best way out would be to put him as basically insane. That said, let's remember that the manga is an adaptation of the game and not a...
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    What's your opinion on drinking/alcohol consumption?

    As others have said, I do not like to judge others. I am not against alcoholic drink, since people drink moderately. When I was young, three or four years ago, I was a party girl. And I drank a lot. Since beer until distillates. It was for fun, my friends also did. Over time I grow up and...
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    Pokemon Regulus: A Region and Fakemon Project

    The main protagonist is so perfect, I loved her design. I've always wanted a redhead female protagonist and a blond male protagonist, or possibly some dark-skinned, as the player always has the same brown hair tone. With the exception of Serena, who has lighter hair. In addition, your Pokemon...
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    Kanto as a tube map, showing the paths taken by a trainer in Red/Blue/Green

    Cool. It is a good map simplification . The memory may be failing me, but the road cycling in the original game was not so long, was it?
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    What is your goal/lifelong dream?

    Short term goals: -Do the marketing specialization in London (which will happen in 2016, next year) -Finish College at most in 2017 -Get a boyfriend, probably a future husband, and raise a family. Maybe he could be a travel companion after the end of college. I dont know if I will want to...
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    The Stupidest Person You've Ever Seen.

    Wow, this is very stupid. I'm South American, more specifically i'm brazilian, and has a lot of Europeans and North Americans who think a lot of ******** about my country. Some think that Brazil is in Africa or Asia. Others think that here is jungle, and they think Rio de Janeiro is the...
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    At home, with my family, we have four dogs, two Daschunds one mutt and a Collie. The older Daschund is called Misty. Yeah, its name after Misty, the Gym Leader. The daughter of Misty is a Harlequin daschund called Hanna. The mutt, we found abandoned as a puppy, and we adopt. it. The name is...
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    The Student Lounge Thread.

    I'm feeling a bit old in this forum. Just have to say that the school were the worst times of my life, since I was a rebellious student and hated going to school, although adored some of my classmates. Now I'm in another phase of my life, and college and work is much better :) But i would like...
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    Delta Episode Discussion

    I may be wrong, since nothing has been confirmed nor denied, but I dont consider the anime as part of this alternate line, if it was even there. I consider the anime, manga and games as being quite different universes. They have different vibes, mechanics that dont match, and different...
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    In your area what do you call your food?

    As I am Brazilian, and here we speak Portuguese, is nothing like the English language, but I'll translate: Fluffernutter – Manteiga de amendoim e marshmallow (not very popular around here, since almost nobody eats peanut butter) Pancakes - Panquecas Soda – Refrigerante (usually we call the soda...
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    Aspects of yourself you dislike

    I tend to be rather inconsistent in my life goals. For example, I often change jobs, boyfriends and I have done three faculties. And I have a habit of criticizing everything, it seems that nothing ever okay, it generates my inconstancy. And sometimes I'm a bit irresponsible, do not like to...
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    The Genres We Dislike

    I dont like sports anime, neither hentai animes. Also, I dont like romances and much girly animes, like Nana. I do not know why, but there's always something futile in these stories and characters that I do not buy. Comedy I dont like too. But this is not just for anime, I do not appreciate...
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    Why wouldn't Pokemon Adventures make a good animated series?

    I think it would be a good idea, as there are pokemon fans of various age groups, and most, like me, who accompanied the anime boom of the 90s are now around 20 or 30 years. Therefore, the anime is still focused on children, so does not appeal as much as before. The problem is that it is also...
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    Delta Episode Discussion

    Twitter, Facebook, Blogs and Sites are sources of information. Its media, advertising medium and form of dialogue with the fans. There is no more today, a platform importance scale. Just because something is published in a magazine, isnt less important than something published on a website or...
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    General Character Discussion

    I agree that the term Gary Stu and Mary Sue is misused, that's exactly what I was debating. Some people mistakenly use it to justify the fact they dont like a major character, a powerful or a popular one. In any case, about Zinnia, in general I agree with you, although I dont think for...