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    I guess. xD
    Don't worry, No one does. =D

    Oh, that sounds awesome! =O I love areas like that. And living in it would be like a dream. o:
    Well, it IS Norway of course. xD

    That's cool! Never met a person from there before. O: Actually one of the countries I don't know anything about. xD Except from the Blues and that Daughtry song. Is it nice there?
    I tend to like the summer and stuff. xD But, I don't really have any other choice then to approve winter. D:

    Ya liek No(r)way.
    Cool. xP USA is always nice 8D Where in the US do you live?
    Yeah, I actually started watching pretty recently. Lol I have 410 episodes to watch. Dx

    YEAH. THEY SUCK. Dx And sometimes it eats your anime moods. D:
    Your welcome~

    And well, I watch Pandora Hearts and One Piece. Havent watched anime the last week, so, I'm a little behind. Dx
    Also remember, that sometimes the animé's story and stuff change under the dubbing. so.

    I used to preffer the dubs myself, but I ended up watching the subs after time. They just charmed me. xD But I don't mind the dubs.
    Lol, I kinda understand the feeling. o_O 'cause sometimes when I watch it I get worried that I wont watch the real anime. xD But, it's alright. Watch it twice~
    So you mostly watch animes on the TV? Well, you're lucky then, Animés rarely appears where i live. Dx

    I really like the anime "Pandora Hearts" atm. Started watching it some time ago. Its AMAZING.
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