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  • I request that you add the correct credits for the licky images used or I will remove it and strike you. PPL has asked you once already. You have 48 hours (2 days) from this VM to comply with this request.
    Are you still interested in the Weather League? You disappeared when we were supposed to battle, and I've been waiting for another message since.
    Your request has been cancelled.

    Pokémon: (2 maximum for normal size, 1 for half-sized) A Vanniluxe and another Vanniluxe this one has the ice cream part made of Chocolate.
    Pokémon Position: (Where do you want the Pokémon?)Vannila on the left Chocolate on the right
    Background Colors: (What colors do you want? 2 max. Ex: Red to blue) brown to white
    Gradient Style: (Choices are: Left to right; right to left; up to down; and down to up. If you have only one color, just say solid) left to right
    Text: (What do you want the text to say? Don't make it too big or it won't fit) Can It say: Chocolate Or Vannila The Choice Is Yours.
    Scanline?: (Those diagonal lines that go across the userbar)No
    Userbar Size: (Normal size or half sized?)Normal
    Pop In or Out?: (Would you like the Pokémon (if any) pop out or stay in the userbar?Stay in
    When Someone Clicks it they go to this link:http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=524800 Thanks
    I don't have a chocolate Vanilluxe
    Here ya go
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