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Last Activity:
Sep 27, 2013
Feb 24, 2012
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Jun 9, 1995 (Age: 24)
In my imagination!!!

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Heart&Soul Trainer, 24, from In my imagination!!!

Mickmon95 was last seen:
Sep 27, 2013
    1. Pokemon Whisperer Natural Harmonia Gropius
      Pokemon Whisperer Natural Harmonia Gropius
      Happy Birthday and nice banner! xD
    2. Andydemon
      I know I asked the same thing on an OOC in my last post but I just really want to be sure.

      Will Valora's attempt to take control of Riolu have any after effects I should be aware of?
    3. AJ2000
      Hey, Mick. I don't mean to bother you or be a pest, butI was just wondering when we were going to get a discussion thread for the RP?
    4. Billy Mays
      Billy Mays
      Well by 'utterly crushing' her I didn't exactly mean sweeping her whole team without even trying, so I should've worded that better. And Sergio doesn't take losing well either, so matter who won we'd probably get a tempertantrum either way.
    5. Billy Mays
      Billy Mays
      In the first post you describe Ms. Sarden as a 'young and enthusiastic teacher', yet she appears to be anything but that. However, your description of Ms. Ratzfield fits how she's been acting so far perfectly. Are you sure you didn't get the two teachers mixed up?

      Also, I had a great idea where Sergio and Dema get in a Pokémon battle because Dema is mad at Sergio for seeming to not care about his education and wants to humiliate him for it. However, Sergio ends up utterly crushing her as it turns out that what he lacks in being a poor student he makes up for by being an unnaturally good battler. Only if you want to do that, of course. :p
    6. AJ2000
      Hey Mick. I just wanted to ask if I could do a side storyline on Alex. As you know, he's rich, and didn't go out much, so I wanted to kind of have him hang out with the 'wrong' crowd. I mean, he would steal and whatnot, prank, and experiment with drugs. I mean, this isn't going to go on forever of course, only for a little while. And it won't really interfere with the plot. I'm asking permission from you as I didn't want to do anything without your permission lol.
    7. Flash Sport
      Flash Sport
      Since I don't really know what else to post for Monifa I'll make a post when class starts, unless there's a plan for something else happen. Is that alright?
      Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays btw. ^_^
    8. Billy Mays
      Billy Mays
      Looks like a bunch of people decided to use the dragons attacking as an opportunity to catch them.

      I did a fight between Sergio's team and a Haxorus and was going to catch it as well, but I wanted to ask first if you were ok with that.
    9. Billy Mays
      Billy Mays
      Just to ask, are people sharing rooms? People are getting the idea that there are shared rooms, but I thought that you mentioned that the rooms will only house one person each, though I'm not sure.
    10. Billy Mays
      Billy Mays
      This may be wierd to you, but can you please do something about Twilight and half of the Pokemon in her two character's teams being made up of shinies? I mean come on, that's just ridiculous; even having one shiny is extremely unlikely, let alone three.
    11. SuperPichu
      Love your sig! Totally agree!
    12. Zelby477477
      Oh, God, I'm sorry. I kept writing you as a Cottonee and i think I realized, but then forgot to fix it, I'll go and edit, and next time I RP I'll try and fix that.
    13. Nightfall_
      Check the thread. :/
    14. Nightfall_
      We're going by Star Fighteres, small space ships with lasers, if that's what you mean.
    15. DeviantMaster
      completely sorry, will get on that :]
    16. wιɴтerвreezeѕrυle
      Cause it's a Warriors/Pokemon fic.
    17. wιɴтerвreezeѕrυle
      Have you seen my fic?
    18. wιɴтerвreezeѕrυle

      So... do you liek warriors?
    19. Qymaen
      Yeah, but I deleted the post. I just don't have the time to play. I'm going to start writing a Pokemon fanfic soon.

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    Jun 9, 1995 (Age: 24)
    In my imagination!!!
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