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  • Oh ok, just curious is all. :p

    It's basically a game where you take pics of Pokémon all over Kanto. Not all 150 are in it, but 63 species(including Mew) are.
    The C was kinda okay,but the B and A just got awkward.But,at least it had a romantic build up,unlike some other supports which just start the romance in the S.And in Chrom and Sumia's S,the fact Chrom realizes he loves her while eating pie.
    I'd use it more if it didn't hurt me eyes.I just turn it on for a bit to see the world map/terrain in 3D.And the Chrom confession.
    I became a fan after playing Fire Emblem.The only games I have are Fire Emblem and Awakening,though.Awakening's my favourite game,too.It's beautiful in 3D.
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