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  • After plowing through all my homework, I finally got this done!

    Top - http://i40.*******.com/nvywx.png
    Bottom - http://i39.*******.com/1217cap.gif
    No you won't. You will be so sad that it'ss Fire/Fighting, that you replace it with Dunsparce, Stunfisk, Delibird, Wobbufett, Another Stunfisk and Igglybuff. :3
    And that is also sweet. Hehe.

    Nah, you won't be able to Dream for long, when we finally know I am right. :3

    And then it turns out to be Orotto they show. Ahh!
    Aw, that's sweet. :3

    That's true, if it turns out to be Fighting tomorrow (IF they will show the starters here), we will once and for all know the truth. ^^ Fennekin Fire/Fighting!
    True. But that one looks so SOO baws.. I want it to be real. D:

    Agreed. ^^ It's a Gallant name. Hehe.

    Lol, Fennefag. XD Cute. Are you even male, though? Or female? :3
    The Black in it makes it look like it, yes. But remember, Azurill is pure Normal. ^^

    Still Believe in the Fighting rumor, especially now when that pretty trustworthy leak said so, too. I really hope that Gallantoad art is true...
    It's more the ''OMG!!! Honedge is the Beedrill of Generation L'' that pisses me off xD

    Theories are ok until the point where people scream and go 'Troll Freak' just because they ran away with an idea that was barely hinted.
    I don't know if it's cheaper, it just has a price guarantee when you pre order stuff and they have to match the lowest price available online, eg when I first pre ordered it was 35.99 but Toys R us dropped to £32 something so Amazon had to as well :)

    Fandom gripes are.....people who see patterns in everything and the 'I wanted this and didn't get it so I hate everything' group.

    There's probs loads more as well
    I don't care about what learns what really, I just have a feeling it will be Psychic. Obviously I can be wrong.

    Coz Amazon is as cheap as anywhere and I'm pretty far from a GAME so it's just easier for me to do it that way. But I've got free release day delivery so I'll be fine :)
    Pretty much xD But not long now, I pray that Amazon hold up their end of the deal and I get it in the post on the 12th, if I don't I will cry
    3 Psychic moves as opposed to 1 Fighting move xD

    I've wanted Water/Dark since Jan 8th and I don't care whatever reason is behond it...it just has to happen :p
    Well Oshawott was the fandom running wild, some thought Fighting coz of his shell + Revenge just made everyone run wild and then when it was Pure it was obviously deemed as a disappointment. Just the Fandom running away with things :p

    Fennekin being Psychic seems to have a bit more going for it, but only a bit xD
    I know but I can see people saying it doesn't have to be blahblahblah and I would agree.

    The Fairy part :p But also the Patch part.
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