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  • The Games is going the way I want it so far. :D
    3D and The Pokemon looks Amazing. :)
    There are a bunch of Species that I want like another Snake,Serpent,Sting Ray,Alligator,Scorpion,and etc.
    How About you? :)

    P.S. Your Profile Pic is Creepy. :p
    I love Arctic Foxes, their adorable =P And that idea is pretty unique, I like it~ ^_^ Alright, good night, see ya tomorrow ^_^ (I'm guessing you're in another country cuz it's only like 4:30 pm where I am =P)
    I'd love to see a Grass (Grass because Giraffes are herbivores if my knowledge is correct) or Ground type Giraffe Pokemon. ^_^ A Tropius evolution has potential, maybe make it a Grass/Dragon type? And I love foxes, especially Arctic Foxes :)
    D'awww, thanks <333 And they did the same with the Fire/Fighting (Not that I'm complaining, I love the Fire/Fighting starters), it could be possible. Or they'd go a different route by surprising us, it's possible. =P Well, Frogs are one of my favorite animals, so I'd love to see some more Frog Pokemon =P Do you like Giraffes? :3 Cuz I think Gamefreak should make another Giraffe Pokemon ^_^ Only one is Girafarig and as a kid I used to think Tropius was one too till I found out it was based off a sauropod D8
    D'awww, thanks~ <3 Your ideas are a lot more amazing then mine are though~ And that would be good, but I'm excepting it to be Water/Ground because of the similarities it has to the Palpitoad line in Gen 5. Who knows though, Game Freak could surprise us~
    Your welcome ^_^ ...and oh wow I'm stupid D8 Forgot all about Torkoal D: But why are you upset with Torkoal? =P What I want to happen most is a Poison Dart Frog Water/Poison type, I love frogs =D
    You good sir, are a genius. ^_^ /vming you just to tell you this D8 The Eevee idea is brilliant and I would love if that would happen. So, what's up? ^_^
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