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  • Well that won't happen so don't worry.

    I really hope Bunnelby becomes part Ground. I know it doesn't have to but it would be nice :)
    Frogadier is a great name when you say it comes from Grenadier/Bombardier, but when it comes from Brigadier it's awful, **** and dumb.

    I'm praying he won't become fat, if he did I might full well keep Frogadier.
    I always post on my own page xD

    Craptain.....erm no! I just hope it keeps Fro-something or Froa-something. Unless they can think of something cooler.
    I'm not that good with names, just so long as it isn't Froaking *shudders* I'll be fine.

    I'm hoping it isn't an obvious military rank either, Frogadier is nice coz it's quite uncommon, but if we get Captain or something common then I may be annoyed.
    All I can remember is the dude in the wheelchair is killing people :S I don't really watch any of the soaps.
    Hi, random question, I don't watch it religiously but it's alright I guess, basically eye candy isn't it?
    I have always had a thing for the fossils and these 2 didn't dissapoint, I used Archeops LOADS in my Gen V journeys :)

    I like those types but as a whole it wouldn't be what i wanted.
    Amaura! Amaura! Amaura! Although I prefer both the base forms to their evolutions. But I love both but Amaura just interests me more.
    Yeah, I don't see Fire/Fairy but that being said, I still would find it so cool. I will be doing some screaming myself xD

    I still don't even know which version I'm playing first, nor my second starter :(
    I live in Alabama, yes Bipolar since I was age 14. Well before then just wasn't told by a doctor till I was 14
    Well the Rogue concept does suggest Dark for me and I really hope he is :D The jumping thing is very froggy and still fits the rogue/ninja theme.
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