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  • Sure. Think I'll PM it to you as some advancers might get offended or take it the wrong way if they see it in public.
    Yeah they should. Well there was some drama going on, basically some admins left, but one came back and everyone is losing their minds. I think that's what happens if you spend far too much time on one forum. I noticed I haven't been talking much on serebii so I thought now was a good time to talk. Though I think things will go back to normal soon. TBH, even though I'm a mod there I feel a bit detached from the forum so don't understand the drama.
    Hey! How are you? I noticed that you don't come on Advancers anymore so I thought I would message you here.
    Yep. Otherwise I'd be posting over and over again, Chapter 14 done for reviews.
    Sigh. Still can't believe she left it at the end for May's Crush 2. Just 2 more chapters were to be posted?
    That sucks. There are so few good writers stuck around here.
    Chapter 18. So close yet so far.
    Reviews for 1-9 done.

    Have you ever found out what happened to PikamasterADV?
    I remember someone found some info in the AS thread.

    I also started reading Puppeteer's Wishes again.
    Can't believe it's been 3 years since that was completed. I do wonder if he ever thinks about starting to write again.
    Yeah, two appearances after leaving would be a long shot. And not to mention how it would rage chaos for other Ash-ships xD
    For this, I was glad Advance wasn't made canon. Made a tad bit easier to leave everything to our imagination.
    Yeah >.> But when the writers ditches Serena for the next region.. I can imagine the heartbreak.
    I like Amour, but it's no Advance.
    Yep getting on them after I finish with today's class.
    You and me have almost the same members as friends. Oh the inactivity.
    Oh I thought it gets closed after a month, guess it's not the same for fanfics.
    I'm at chapter 6, so I'll reread them and post reviews for each chapter. Have a little too too much time :p
    I'll join by tomorrow, when I have bit of free time.
    I've been reading Masquerade over the weekend. But, it's a month old so I can't post my reviews >.>
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