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  • Super late reply is super late... even though we always see each other anyway. xD

    And I love ye always~ <333
    Heya! It's nice to meet you. I'm one of Silver's guildmates, Burnerv2! Those battles in Smash were a blast! Specially the Wii Fit vs. DK ending. If you're ever in the mood to do the arte of smash with me, lemme know! I'll shoot you my NNID! :V
    Nya? owo
    *glomp* And I obviously love ya, too~ :3 <3

    (*facepalm* I just realized we're using the same avi. xD I usually change avis depending on if I'm currently in a shiny hunt or not, and I'm still on my Zorua one. lol)
    yea if you don't have a strong enough projectile or a counter then stopping sonic is hard Dx
    I played a pro ness and it was so devastating. he kept tossing/hitting me into the air then using his lighting to hit me and other stuff. though in general ness really sucks for most people.
    so do you think pit or dark pit is better? :3
    thank you, and its fine. I was spammy with pac man.
    yea, and duck hunt dog is that way too. I havn't tried shulk yet, but he doesn't look like my style. I'd forget what monado I used or if its still on.
    I really enjoy rosalina, and I'm trying to main her, but I either do really bad or really good with her. I can't quite get the hang of her yet.
    do you have a main? :3
    also have you faced a pro sonic yet? sonic is so broken. his spin attacks are hard to knock him out of T.T
    Yea that was me :3 when I made my nintendo id I never really thought of making it match any of my other ids. though now I just use neonluigi for everything when I can.
    YOU! youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu are my arch nemesisesisisisisis.
    geezus all the rob spam ;A; and silver/tricia kept getting in my way T.T
    that last match was a ton of fun! pacman may not be the best character but he sure is fun.
    I'd love to play you again another time! you really kept me on my toes
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