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I'm mostly a Pokémon and Super Smash Bros. fan. I have a weakness for cute things, especially cute animals.

SilverLanayru is my significant other, whom I love with all my heart. ♥

I'm an incredibly shy and timid person, so it may take a while for me to open up and talk to others.

  • I play Pokémon at a slightly higher level, and I breed for egg moves and good IVs, but I overall prefer to play for fun. I've been a fan since the original R/B/Y. I like to get involved with the whole world of Pokémon rather than solely the games.
  • I play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate a bit more seriously, but I still like to appreciate it as the massive crossover that it is. While I prefer serious rulesets, I still occasionally enjoy playing with items and on hazardous stages. I am a R.O.B. main. My secondaries are Mega Man, Pit/Dark Pit, and Joker. I also use Snake, Simon(/Richter), Link, Pokémon Trainer, Meta Knight, and Palutena a lot.
  • I also play Final Fantasy XIV as a dedicated healer with my main class being Astrologian. I am Midi Naito on the Leviathan server.
Jul 24, 1993 (Age: 30)
Favourite Pokémon
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Sig by my dearest. ♥
Switch: (ask me!) | Discord: Midnite#0682
Super Smash Bros.: R.O.B., Dark Pit, Pit, Mega Man, Joker