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  • Yep! I got the aqua blue one. I almost always get a black DS when they come out, but I wanted something different this time around, lol.
    No problem. :) I've been addicted to playing Ocarina of Time 3D and Pokemon Black version.
    It really has been ages. I've been doing pretty good. I haven't touched my Wii in ages, lol. So, how have you been?
    (Another late reply, even though I'm pretty much talking to ya on Skype right now. xD)
    Lurking. 'Nuff said. ;3
    Then tell me... What does one do in Triangle Three?

    I heard of that game actually. Always wanted to play Online Games like that, but I don't really have the PC for it. Personally, I've recently been cliché-ingly playing Black and White. EV TRAININ' AND ALL THAT. My DS seems to be the only console I've been using as of late, actually. I've practically abandoned my Wii. Rarely play Brawl or any such game much. I did buy a Wii game, Monster Hunter Tri, which was really fun, but I never really beat it though. Planning to get back into it someday, but I barely have time anymore. Bah, school.

    But that piece of junk was so fun to brea- ERM AHEM WAT. I MEAN IT WAS AN ACCIDENT NYES.
    Grand! ...You do know how to play wekball, correct?

    Oh, I completely and utterly died off anyway, so eh, that barely makes a difference.
    Kinda making a return in Serebii though. I've been bored, so, I decided why not.

    Still, not much has really happened. I IS SO BORING.
    Well, referring to my old 2010 post, I now have texting & a phone that doesn't suck. :3
    I actually got it only about a month ago, the sole reason being because my old one's screen got *cough* accidentally smashed with a rock.
    Sir Wek Wekenheimer has cordially invited you to his mansion for a game of wekball.
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