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  • Zoroark is going to be top tier in SSB4. Even higher on the tier list than Meta Knight.
    ...they better add more Kirby stages to SSB4, too. Halberd wasn't enough. >.>

    Eh, okay I guess...
    I haven't been around here that much either; lately I've become rather depressed around this site.
    Friends isn't really the problem. I've made several friends already. The main problem is the program. It makes it almost impossible to communicate with my friends outside of school. One strict rule is that I pretty much HAVE to get on the bus. No exceptions, unless we set up some sort of pre-planned arrangement. Like, when we had Midterms, a few of my friends invited me to come over to one of their houses with them. He usually walks from school, as he lives right down the street. I called my parents and they said it would be fine- However, my resource room teacher (one of the perks of being in that program is I get a free period last period), who's in charge of the program, said I wasn't allowed to go. =/
    If I wanted to go, I needed a written notice at least a day beforehand, a parent or guardian of the person's place I am going to needs to pick me up, blah, blah blah. Elementary School stuff, pretty much.

    Yeah- for some reason my Private School didn't administer the regents exam for the course, the year that most people my grade would do it. ...So I have to repeat the entire course this year. Which means I'll have to do two next year if I want to catch up before I graduate. It also means I may have to skip out on an elective, which is kind of dull, as I was really looking forward to maybe trying the Forensics or Architect/Engineering classes.

    In a somewhat-related note, I also recently discovered my birthday is Regents Week. >_>
    Hope I don't have any tests that actual day. *Sigh*
    What makes it worse for me is that I'm a transfer student. I go to a different school, about 40 minutes away from my house. So I don't live near anyone (besides two other people on my bus, that are both in the same transfer program I am in). I'm also a bit behind, because I used to go to an private school, and may actually have to end up doing a few double-courses next year (in addition to the A.P. and honers classes I'm going to be in). Gah...

    Lunar? Haven't seen them in a WHIIILLE. VM's infer they haven't been active since maybe October. *Shrug*
    I barely started playing B+ for the first 2 days I've gotten it... and my win/loss record with you from those friendly 1-on-1s is like... 3-4 : 6-7. T~T
    Sounds like fun. =P
    I could only say otherwise about school though. Several of my teachers are putting me in harder classes, recently. A larger workload, which is annoying, but I can still somehow manage straight A's without trying hard. Got the academics down, just need social skills now. X.X
    "Non-quite-popular-but-not-quite-unpopular" status is boring.

    You're a mod too? I heard Starfire became a "tournament administrator". Seems recently most of the commoners at the SSBClub and other Brawl-friends that I knew generally moved on, aside for myself... Most of the frequenters have been doing other things... And most of the ones I'm still in contact with just don't play anymore. I relatively stopped seeing anyone online, got lonely almost. Honestly rarely play anymore myself. But alas...
    No problem. :] And sure thing... though idk if I'll be a reliable partner. T~T

    Ahhh... I'm pretty sure he must've done alright. ^^
    Oh my would that be fun. Especially with whatever supposed "Illusion Ability" is has. It's referenced in the movie, though they purposely left their abilities blank in the scans & on the website. The next reveal, I guess. The question is, if it's an ACTUAL ability, and they're just leading us on, or if it's something like "Lucarios Aura Abilities" which you would barely even know about if you never read it's dex entries (or whatched the anime, or whatnot).

    Good. Boring, honestly. Wasting my life with Kingdom Hearts and Internet. You?
    *replies to it anyway* We've already had those brawls (Brawl+ style) a while ago... but they were fun anyway~ :3

    Btw hai (again)~ <3
    Why hello. Again. Or something. [/Subtleness]

    Zorua and Zoroark are the 5th gen Riolu and Lucario. :3
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