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  • Ack! I'm sorry @MiGo, I got distracted by my school work and home, I completely forgot about my SU. It's almost done, I hope
    It's all good, I was just starting to get concerned that you weren't coming back to the RP even before it starts (I've had that happen before, so I was just paranoid ; ) )

    I know you have a life outside of Serebii
    Hahahah, well thanks, I'm glad we had that image. And you have noooo idea about annoying and trollish newbs xD there is one in particular that pops out in my mind, I'm not sure if he's still around though
    hey, just letting you know, I should have my sign up tomorrow. Some unforeseen circumstances came up this week when I was going to post and, long story short, I'm just going to put it up tomorrow. : ) Just felt like I needed to give you an indication since I've had this reserve for a week, more or less.
    xD you really think so? We were nice to eachother, at least most of us, but we were pretty hostile towards newbs. Idk, there were some...situations, but, yeah, I dunno, I'm not really sure where I'm trying to go with this..
    Emogirl....this might sound stalker-ish but didnt you used to talk on here alot a while back? I remember checking this thread often back then, being too scared to try and join a convo xP You and a few others who I forgot the names of, but I remember your name popping up alot. (TOTALLY not trying to sound like a stalker, sorry XP)
    Yeah, absolutely. This place used to be my home, and CT60 was my family. I thought I saw you around a bit, but maybe that wasn't until more recently. Oh memories... (and I had like just gotten offline when you posted this, so yeahh)
    No, In Australia this is how it works: Prep (first year of primary/elementary), Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6, Year 7 (first year of highschool), Year 8, Year 9 (where I am), Year 10, Year 11 and Year 12
    Yep, Autism opens up an extra 10% brain and so does being left handed (I have an extra 20% of my brain open, if I got my facts right)
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