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Oh man what to say about myself... i'm pretty chilled guy usually but I'm actually not that great at talking to people..I mean sure on the internet its a different thing but even then its hard for me to keep a conversation.

I'm normally in a good mood and willing to hop towards the next thing my favorite color is orange reading a good manga.

I enjoy watching anime and I'm open to any one you think is pretty great. I have been watching a lot of anime...the recommendations I've received from friends have changed my outlook on life

Currently playing on the 3DS: Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon
Pokemon Omega Ruby
Super Smash Bros. for 3DS
Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Smash 3DS Status:
Main: Villager
Secondary: Kirby , Lucas, and Pit
Tertiary: Greninja, Bowser, Shulk , and Corrin

Animal Crossing New Leaf status: Town still not perfect..have yet to get a Cat Villager....whhhhhhy?! Paid off the house and I'm having a pretty good time with my town

Pokemon Omega Ruby: Still trying to catch them all....slowly. I'm spending more time shiny hunting actually.

Solving crimes and making up rhymes!
August 27
That place called home
Favourite Pokémon
pokemon breeder....breeed..trade a new battler etc