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  • Mettaton: Oh.. Hehehe A human knows me. Darling how would you know me by any chance. I mean I am drop dead beautiful and all but I just came out of the underground and you already love me. Oh darling behave. <3

    Me: *rolls eyes*
    I actually haven't seen it yet but it is on my huge backlog list lol
    Random pop in but Idea Factory is making a game based on the anime in your sig lol
    Ditto to that! I've decided to go the Relative/Reincanation path myself. They're still meant to be different from the others in their own right, though.

    Whatever you end up doing, i'm sure it'll turn up alright. Your previous characters were fun to interact with!
    Yeah, that's right. It just came up a few days ago, but its still in the signup phase for anyone who's interested. I'm having good feelings about it myself!
    Well then the problem comes when it goes to Degrassi V7 or something ridiculous, 'cos I want Degrassi to be like...a longer series than the PH ones. 'Cos as ya know it was done before and was successful as **** despite a relatively small base of people.
    I want this to be a larger experience for people and I'm doing all I can to allow that. I still big up the idea of letting people develop their own plots ('cos y'know..school) as basically the best thing in RPs in a long time, and I hope that entices people.
    I say start new cos it's a reboot, but I understand why some people are keeping the old.

    PH4 onwards is gunna be a new kinda canon for the whole series. Only reason I changed names is because have PH version 5 sounds a bit daunting on newcomers. Wanted to start with a fresh name.
    If chances are given maybe even expanded universe a la Marvel :p
    Braxton: I also know my sister and I know she will come back here to look for us. :3

    Athéla: I wouldn't let you get lost, silly! >w< *Still hurrying*
    Braxton: *Gets off as well* Hmm... Not sure. But... *Looks around* I bet if we stay here, they will be back soon. It'll make it easier for them to find us.

    Athéla: Yas! :3 *Hurries up and begins leading the way*
    Braxton: Hnmm, not sure. Maybe we should try to find Athéla and Hayden! :3

    Athéla: *Follows Hayden out* Sure! I wonder if Braxton and Justin are still playing games at the arcade...
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