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  • That was sort of along the lines of what I was thinking! I'm stirring ideas of how they will be like at this moment...When the time comes i'll see how it'll turn out.
    I just looked that up and almost got lost, too...Darn my curiosity!

    I myself was thinking of starting anew and making brand new characters, starting with fewer and adding more when I felt comfortable. Though I want them to retain the charm my previous characters had, maybe they can be related somehow...? It's something to chew on, I guess...
    Oh, how we've all been there...Oh, i've heard of Roms. I like checking out those kind of games, too!

    Just wondering, do you have any plans when the new Pokemon High thread comes up? Do you plan on keeping all of your characters, or are you thinking of a clean slate with new ones? I'm kinda torn between the two, hehe...
    Sounds like a plan! I usually surf and see what sort of online games there can be played. In terms of Youtube, I sometimes get sooo lost in tabs...It's like TV Tropes with videos!
    OOC: No worries, and happy new year! ;w;/

    Braxton: *Crosses the finish line* Yay! >w<

    Athéla: Yeah! It'll be awesome!
    Eevee: Eev... :3
    Braxton: Heheheh, I'mma gonna win. >w>

    Athéla: This is so cool... Maybe we should see if Kórvem and Káthira will give us a fly over of the city later. ^^
    Braxton: *Drives as fast as he can* NO! >_<

    Athéla: You can always ask Zeph for help and advice. He knows a lot, as you already know! ^^
    Eevee: Eev! :3 *Nods*
    Braxton: Not gonna happen! >_<

    Eevee: Eeeev... =w= *Enjoys the belly rub*
    Athéla: I like being with my siblings and Justin, but... Alone time with you is so amazing. ^^
    Braxton: I'm not gonna let you catch up!

    Eevee: *Rolls onto his back, wanting his belly to be rubbed* Eev... :3
    Athéla: Good... I like it just being you and me. ^^
    Braxton: I'm not gonna let you win this time! >_<

    Athéla: Ooh, okay. I got worried for a moment. ^^;
    Braxton: Myahahahah! >w< *Gets ahead*

    Eevee: *Licks Hayden's hand* Eev. :3
    Athéla: Huh?! The Ferris Wheel stopped!
    Braxton: Bwaaaaaahhh! >_< *Is really trying his best to catch up and pass Justin*

    Athéla: This was a great idea, Hayden... ^^
    Eevee: *Climbs into Hayden's lap and curls up*
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