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Mike Jushiro
Last Activity:
Jan 7, 2015
Jul 16, 2012
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Mike Jushiro

New Member

Mike Jushiro was last seen:
Jan 7, 2015
    1. 55afrothunder
      hey when is ur tournament starting
    2. spikyearedpichu
      Mano eso es verdad, a muchos le da vergüenza, pero yo los delato cuando me pongo una camisa de pikachu y todos se mueren de la envidia!! LOL!! Yo creo que hasta mis últimos días estaré jugando pokemon!! :D En que estados estas ahora?
    3. spikyearedpichu
      Wepa!! Mi hermano puertorro!! saludos
    4. Darato
      You'll love it on here. i have the past 7 years

    5. Young Xehanort
      Young Xehanort
      Anyway, get on the Bliack Ice Clan XAT CHAT and we can trade now.
    6. Young Xehanort
      Young Xehanort
      You probably will.
      Click the link I posted in my last VM.
      I would accept, but I have been de-modded just some time ago....:(
      Just my luck.
    7. Young Xehanort
      Young Xehanort
    8. Young Xehanort
      Young Xehanort
      I'm more of a Nintendo fan though.
      I also play MINECRAFT :D
    9. Darato
      How do you like it so far

    10. Young Xehanort
      Young Xehanort
      So, another thing that friends do is, well, talk.
      What other video games do you play?
    11. Young Xehanort
    12. Young Xehanort
      Young Xehanort
      I can't trade now.
      Its nighttime here.
      Anyway, how you join?
      Well, go to the first post in the Black Ice Clan, and read it.
      Once you get to the part that says "Sign-up" or something, copy the form and paste it in the reply box.
      Then fill it out.
      When it says "Refferer" or however you spell it, type "Comboman77".

      Hope you join the clan :D
    13. Darato
      Thanks for the FR

    14. Young Xehanort
      Young Xehanort
      Yes, yes it is.
      Well, I actually use my Shaymin in my team, and I don't own a Deoxys. :(
      I could trade you Shaymin, but sadly, you will have to give it back.
      If you ever join the Black Ice Clan, put Comboman77 as the Refferer.
    15. Mike Jushiro
      Mike Jushiro
      Sure, I would like to know more of the clan!
      Well preferred for keeps, although i only have a Darkrai and Victini for trade,
      but I do need it for pokedex anyway.
    16. Young Xehanort
      Young Xehanort
      Well, would you like to join team of battlers called a Clan?
      You don't need skill, I didn't have skill when I joined, and I've got better.
      I've learned a lot.
      Maybe you could join too! :D
    17. Young Xehanort
      Young Xehanort
      For KEEPS, or just for a trade, and then trade it back?
    18. Mike Jushiro
      Mike Jushiro
      Yes! I love too! Was good at it at one point, but now I need lots of practice hehe,
    19. Young Xehanort
      Young Xehanort
      Welcome to Serebii.
      So you like to battle?
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    "People who say they don't care what people think are usually desperate to have people think they don't care what people think." George Carlin

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    I was always such a smart kid!

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    Mike Jushiro