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  • i'm not seeing you on the pss :/ are you on? sorry i just really wanna check if you have liepard!
    mind adding me back just in case you have liepard as well? i added you. and i just got sandile :) thanks anyway!
    i tried trades at the library before but kept getting 84020. i could try going to this coffee shop, but right now i don't have any money to buy coffee with. but yea, my wifi seems to be working decently today, message me back and i'll (probably) let you know if it's good to trade
    hey, really sorry about all this. my internet is out at my place right now and i have no idea when it'll be back up. it could be like, today/night, or it could be within the week? idk. :| sorry man. i'd like to trade as soon as i can though
    alright, i have nothing to do at 430, so sounds good to me. sorry again about my connection, sometimes the internet goes out almost entirely for half a freakin' day. apparently it's working now, so *crosses fingers*
    yea, sorry about yesterday. my internet went totally dead and there was no way a trade would've worked. when would you be good to do it today? internet is back up, but if there's any issues with it, i'm thinking about going to the library later anyways, and they have free wifi
    just let me know when you're available
    edit: oh, and my code is 3181 5617 3649, player name jason.
    hey, i'm back now. it actually went pretty well :D so yea, i'm ready to trade whenever, hopefully my connection behaves itself :|
    ugh, i know! they suck. it's so hard to find a job where i live and i'm tired of being totally broke all the time -_- but yea, i'll let you know when i'm back. it's at 2:45 so i'll be back shortly after that. the place is within walking distance, so yaaa
    that's perfect! thanks, i'll let you know when i'm back from my interview. and also, you might need to be patient with my internet connection, it's scratchy sometimes
    Awesome, i was hoping it'd have a moveset like that. i don't know if DD is an egg move on it or not, but whatevs. your eevee will be dw female timid and flawless except for attack.
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