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  • Hi! Just randomly saying that I love David Tennant and Doctor Who too! Its just an awesome show!

    Oh, and I like Flygon too! Its my 2nd fave pokemon!
    Nope, We Get To Skip A Few Years :3

    It's Basically The Same As College That Everyone Has.
    I Got Raped And Put In A Nazi Camp, We Barely Have Internet Time Here ;__;

    ...And When I Go To College It'll Be Even Worse.
    naah, a little thing like that isn't worth calling yourself a dick miken park, although the ruleslist of your tread needs to be made a little bigger, it really is difficult to read.

    (back then of course, it has been a while since i was there)
    hey, it must have been that tread you mentioned where i saw you then, i weas also visiting there often around a half a year ago, i was trying to claim a song but the owner had trouble letting me in for a reason i still have no clue about, the ruleslist were a bit too small for me to read and the owner lol'd at me when i explained, it must have been there then:D
    if you switched back online today then i fear i am confusing you for somebody else around here, it looks like i made a little mistake:p

    sorry for holding you up from your activities miken park, i'll see you around.
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